Wonho Bluntly Unloads The ‘Mountain’ Portion Of The Meal Without Jaim


Wonho, Who Is An Artist As Well As A Soloist With An Athletic Body And Diligent In Exercising, Seems To Be Honest About How Much Food He Eats In One Meal.

Eating healthy food for someone is a major need to maintain health. However, it was unexpected that the food menu that Wonho ate was quite large.

Recently on Tuesday (15/3), Wonho appeared on a YouTube channel 82 where he accepted several challenges, including showing the last photos he took in the near future. Not only that, he also discussed what food menus he consumed at every meal.

Wonho revealed the photo of himself that best describes his likes. Quickly, Wonho pointed out that the photo was taken while he was traveling to Jeju Island. “This photo was when I went to Jeju. I like wearing comfortable clothes like this because I often exercise,” he explained.

Then, Wonho showed his favorite food that he recently took a photo of. “I was filming with a friend and this is what they gave me on set. I took a photo of it, but I couldn’t eat it. I’m currently in the middle of promotions, so I can’t try it. I sent this photo because I really wanted to try it,” Wonho said later .

When Wonho talked about eating ramyeon, he quickly admitted that it was his favorite food. “I always want to eat a lot of ramyeon and this brand has few calories. So if I eat 3 packs, it’s the same as eating 2 packs of other brands. I like it because I can eat 3 packs, while other brands only have 2 packs,” he said.

However, behind that Wonho made a very honest confession about how many packs he usually eats. “I don’t eat three packs. I eat 5 packs at a time. I make 5 packs and 6 or 7 eggs and finally add rice,” admitted Wonho.

Wonho also gave recommendations to international fans of what foods to try. “Recommended side dish, huh? Sweet potato sticks? What seaweed, huh? Oh, seaweed sticks. I really like that,” he explained.

Wonho also revealed that he really wanted to go to Norway. He openly wants to see the aurora in person. “Norway. I want to go there and see the aurora with my own eyes. It must be like a dream,” he said.

Meanwhile, Wonho, who just released the single “Obsession” revealed what his current obsession is. “I visited the birthday cafe made by my fans, it was very adorable. So I can say, my fans are my obsession,” he commented.


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