Taking Care Of Each Other, Jimin BTS Is Ready To Save Jungkook Who Is Not Balanced At The Concert


‘PERMISSION TO DANCE BTS ON STAGE – Seoul’ Has Been Going On To Amaze Fans For Three Days. Besides, There Are Many Accidental Incidents Including When Jungkook Was Slightly Out Of Balance With His Position.

During the concert event organized by BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) “PERMISSION TO DANCE BTS ON STAGE – Seoul” was full of fun and unforgettable moments. Various best performers as well as sweet interactions from its members always succeed in stealing public attention.

When appearing on mobile platforms, BTS members put on their best and get closer to fans. They make sure everyone gets their attention.

Without warning, the platform suddenly stopped and shocked the members. The unbalanced Jungkook fell slightly as he lifted one of his legs and leaned against the bar.

This is because Jimin BTS has grabbed one of the bars and quickly grabbed Jungkook to make sure he was safe.

Even when there’s a lot going on, BTS always takes care of each other. In a way, Jimin proved that he was always ready to save Jungkook and the other members while on stage.

Although he has proven himself to save several of his colleagues who almost fell during the concert, Jimin also did not escape from slipping incidents. This happened when BTS performed the song “Black Swan”, Jimin accidentally slipped in the middle of his energetic choreography.

However, instead of worrying fans, Jimin professionally showed that the accidental incident could be handled calmly. Jimin immediately followed the choreography of the other members so it was like nothing.

As is known, the success of the concert “PERMISSION TO DANCE BTS ON STAGE – Seoul” is reported to have collected worldwide box office revenues of 32.6 million dollars or around Rp. 467 billion. This concert again set a record for being the first world cinema live broadcast of a concert in South Korea.

Meanwhile, the concert which was held for three days continues to be a hot conversation among fans. So don’t be surprised if BTS is very total in showing their positive energy to entertain fans.


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