Red Velvet Shows Perfectionism During Recording Of Song ‘Feel My Rhythm’


In It, Each Member Shows Off Professionalism. Red Velvet Worked Hard On Singing Their New Song During The Recording, And Didn’t Stop Until It Was Perfect.

Red Velvet never fails to show off their amazing vocals, and the process behind how they achieve it is just as impressive. The group recently released behind-the-scenes footage from the recording for their latest track, “Feel My Rhythm.”

In it, each member shows off their extraordinary professionalism. The 5-member girl group worked hard in singing their new song during the recording, and didn’t stop until the result was perfect.

Wendy graced fans with her skillful vocals. He’s clearly in his element in the recording booth. He took the time to nail down all the intricate details. It took more than one session to record all the parts and for him to be completely satisfied with his work.

Irene made sure to ask questions to really understand the atmosphere they were in. “It’s right before the chorus, but it feels a bit weak. ‘Ali is really free now,’ like this?” said the Red Velvet leader.

Yeri is very particular with her pronunciation and makes sure to repeat her part until she gets it right. “The ‘let’s have fun’ part because I said it too clearly, it sounded too formal,” Yeri said. He made some notes so he could perfect the passages.

Seulgi asked several questions so that she could execute parts of her song perfectly. He also rehearsed his piece over and over, highlighting his desire to get it right.

Joy put everything into recording the parts. We can tell that he cares about the end result. He even tries to sing his parts in different ways to find the best one. The members are professional, and it’s obvious.


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