Recently Cage Talked About The Reasons Why He Took On Smaller And Weirder Roles After The Disappointing Response To His Film ‘Ghost Rider’.


Nicolas Cage’s name is certainly familiar in the Hollywood cinema scene. He is also one of the actors who has become a Marvel hero through ” Ghost Rider “.

He first appeared in the film in 2007 ago. The film explores the origins of stunt biker Johnny Blaze as he gives his soul to Mephistopheles in an attempt to cure his father of cancer.

But the devil actually caused his father’s death and turned him into a demon soul hunter known as Ghost Rider. Written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson, “Ghost Rider” received negative reviews from critics due to its thin plot, poor screenplay, and reliance on CGI.

Recently Cage talked about the reasons why he took on smaller and weirder roles after the disappointing response to the movie “Ghost Rider”. In a recent career-spanning feature with The Hollywood Reporter , Cage reflected on his blockbuster fame and brief departure from large-scale films.

Cage looks towards his period film Ghost Rider, remembering the disappointing response to them and other major poles at the time and how, paired with his interest in philosophy, resulted in him moving away from taking on smaller, more whimsical roles.

“I started reading a lot of philosophies. I stopped being interested in going to award shows and selling myself. I made the decision to pursue a life of contemplation. And simultaneously, I was involved in films like Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Ghost Rider and Drive Angry , not successively. succeeded,” he said. “There was marginalization going on while I was also more interested in philosophy and meditation. So those two things happened at once.”

Despite poor reviews, “Ghost Rider” proved to be a commercial hit, earning over $228 million against its $110 million budget, leading up to a sequel. Cage returns with the Crank duo Neveldine/Taylor taking over directing duties and Scott M. Gimple, Seth Hoffman and David S. Goyer writing the script.


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