Moon Ga Young Discusses The Award She Received With Cha Eunwoo


Prior To The Interview, Moon Ga Young Said During Her Award Acceptance Speech That It Was All Thanks To All The Fans Who Loved Her And She Showed Her Gratitude Again.

Moon Ga Young , who gained a lot of popularity by appearing in the tvN drama ” True Beauty “, expressed her love for her work and fans. The actress recently had a written interview with Star News after winning the Best Emotive Award at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards (AAA).

Prior to the interview, Moon Ga Young said during her award acceptance speech, “I think it’s all thanks to all the fans who love me and I show my gratitude again. I will continue to try to show good performances in the future.”

Moon Ga Young who is a former child actress appeared in the JTBC drama ” Welcome to Waikiki 2 ” and made her face known to the public.

Among his filmography, the work that stands out the most is “True Beauty.” “True Beauty” is a work based on the popular webtoon of the same name, and depicts a romantic comedy in which Joo-kyung (Moon Ga Young), who becomes a beautiful girl through makeup, and Su-ho ( Cha Eunwoo ), who has painful experience because his mother, met to share secrets with each other and grow.

The work gained immense popularity not only in Korea but also in Japan, with the original drama and webtoon of the same name attracting attention in Europe. In addition, Moon Ga Young has gained 6 million SNS followers, proving her growing popularity.

“True Beauty” is a place where the chemistry and acting skills of the two main characters shine. As a result, Moon Ga Young and Cha Eunwoo won the Best Emotive Award at the 2021 AAA together.

“I didn’t expect to receive it (with Cha Eunwoo), and we were very surprised. I’m proud of it and I feel better to accept it with him,” he said, revealing the behind-the-scenes story at the award ceremony.

Moon Ga Young cited the biggest interesting point of “True Beauty” as “Lim Joo-kyung’s growth.” The actress expressed her affection for the work, saying, “It’s good to see Joo Kyung gradually become stronger and knows how to love herself. Many people sympathized with the message I wanted to convey through Joo Kyung and cheered for her, so I was comforted.”


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