Even Though Pattinson Was So Interested In Getting The Role That He Lied About His Audition, Reeves Was Concerned The Actor Wasn’t Interested In ‘The Batman’ At All.


The director of ” The Batman ” Matt Reeves seems to have faith in Robert Pattinson to star in his film. Even when he found out Pattinson was joining the rest of the cast for director Christopher Nolan’s project ” Tenet ,” he was devastated.

After seeing Pattinson in the 2017 crime drama ” Good Time “, Reeves has written the script for the reinvention of the Batman franchise specifically with Pattinson in mind for the role of Bruce Wayne. Pattinson said he was initially so nervous about telling Nolan he was auditioning for “The Batman” that he was forced to lie to the director by saying he had family matters.

Although Pattinson was so interested in landing the iconic role that he decided to lie about his audition, it seems that Reeves was worried the actor might not even be interested in “The Batman” at all. In a recent interview with the ReelBlend Podcast (via Comicbook ), Reeves admitted that when he found out Pattinson had landed the role on “Tenet,” he was worried the actor might not return after working with Nolan.

“I realized he joined Tenet, and I thought it was really cool. Actually, I was nothing and it really affected me,” the director said. “I wrote the story, I wrote this script with Rob. I wanted him to be my Batman.”

“I don’t know if he’s going to be Batman,” he continued. “And when it was announced that he was being cast by Chris on Tenet, I was devastated.”

Pattinson’s casting in “Tenet” didn’t stop him from working on his latest box office hit. Likewise with Reeves’ fears which turned out to be unproven. Pattinson’s appearance as Batman is currently receiving positive reactions from audiences around the world. Praised for his quirky role, Pattinson has featured a Bruce Wayne unlike any other live-action iteration has seen on screen before.

“The Batman” has been a success since its release at the box office last week. With such a huge gain, it would be hard for audiences to consider what the film would be like without Pattinson.


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