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Netflix’s new comedy film, Me Time, is set to premiere on August 26, 2022. The movie tells the intriguing story of a stay-at-home father who decides to take some time out for himself while his wife and children are away. Me Time is expected to premiere on Netflix on Friday, August 26, 2022, at 12 midnight PT/3 am ET.
Written and directed by noted filmmaker John Hamburg, the film stars Kevin Hart along with Mark Wahlberg and Regina Hall in pivotal roles. With that said, read on to find out the release time, plot and more details of the upcoming Kevin Hart comedy film on Netflix.
On July 26, 2022, Netflix dropped the official trailer for the film, which shows Kevin Hart‘s lead character, Sonny, who talks about his decision to be a stay-at-home father. It doesn’t take much time to establish the main plot as it shows Sonny’s wife telling him that she’s going away with the kids for a holiday, following which Sonny decides to take out some ”me time.”
Overall, the trailer has a funny, lighthearted tone that fans of films like I Love You, Man and Why Him? would certainly love. Viewers can expect an entertaining and emotional story about a man who rediscovers himself. Along with the trailer, Netflix’s official YouTube channel also shared a brief synopsis of the film, which reads:
Director John Hamburg has helmed quite a few popular comedies over the years, including Along Came Polly, Why Him?, and I Love You, Man, to name a few. Hamburg, along with Kevin Hart and Bryan Smiley, also serve as executive producers of the film.
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The film stars Kevin Hart in the lead role as Sonny. Hart looked quite hilarious and impressive in the trailer, portraying his character with utmost ease. Hart has been a part of a number of popular and acclaimed comedy flicks and shows over the years, including Underclared, Little Fockers, Grudge Match, and many more. He’s known for his distinctive sense of humor and screen presence.
The movie also features Mark Wahlberg in the role of Huck, Sonny’s best friend. After his wife and children leave for a holiday, Sonny sets off to meet Huck for his birthday. Wahlberg is hilarious in his role, and his comic chemistry with Hart is one of the highlights of the trailer. Wahlberg recently starred in Ruben Fleischer’s hit film, Uncharted, which also featured Tom Holland. Over the years, he’s appeared in several acclaimed films like The Departed and Boogie Nights.
Apart from the aforementioned actors, the movie also stars Regina Hall, Luis Gerardo Méndez, and Jimmy O. Yang in pivotal roles.
Don’t miss Me Time on Netflix on Friday, August 26, 2022.


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