Love The Way You Lie Cast: Where Are They Now?

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The Beginning of an Iconic Song

It’s been a decade since Eminem and Rihanna released their hit song, “Love The Way You Lie.” The song quickly became a cultural phenomenon, resonating with millions of people worldwide. But what about the cast of the music video? Where are they now?

The Main Cast

The music video starred Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan as a couple in a tumultuous relationship. Megan Fox played the role of a woman in an abusive relationship, while Dominic Monaghan portrayed the abusive partner.

Megan Fox’s Career

After “Love The Way You Lie,” Megan Fox continued to act in various films and TV shows. She starred in “Transformers” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and appeared in the TV show “New Girl.” Additionally, she has been a spokesperson for several brands, including Armani and Avon.

Dominic Monaghan’s Career

Dominic Monaghan also continued to act in films and TV shows after “Love The Way You Lie.” He starred in “Lost” and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. He also hosted the TV show “Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan,” where he traveled the world in search of exotic animals.

Rihanna’s Career

Rihanna, who sang the chorus of “Love The Way You Lie,” has since become one of the biggest pop stars in the world. She has released multiple albums and has won numerous awards, including nine Grammy Awards.

Eminem’s Career

Eminem, who wrote and rapped the verses of “Love The Way You Lie,” has continued to release music and tour. He has won numerous awards, including 15 Grammy Awards.

The Impact of “Love The Way You Lie”

“Love The Way You Lie” was more than just a hit song. It shone a light on the issue of domestic violence and raised awareness about the importance of leaving abusive relationships. The music video was praised for its realistic portrayal of domestic violence and ignited conversations about the issue.

Charitable Contributions

In addition to raising awareness, Eminem and Rihanna also made charitable contributions from the song’s profits. The two donated $600,000 to The Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care in Ontario, Canada.

The Legacy of “Love The Way You Lie”

“Love The Way You Lie” continues to resonate with people today, a decade after its release. The song has become a symbol of strength and resilience for survivors of domestic violence.

The Importance of Support

It’s important to remember that survivors of domestic violence need support and resources to leave abusive relationships. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, there are resources available, including the National Domestic Violence Hotline.


“Love The Way You Lie” may be a decade old, but its impact is still felt today. The cast of the music video has gone on to have successful careers, and the song continues to raise awareness about the issue of domestic violence. Let’s continue to support survivors and work towards ending domestic violence for good.

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