List Of Awards And Nominations

This is a list of principal awards and nominations obtained by means of BTS, a South Korean boy institution that debuted in June 2013 beneath Big Hit Entertainment. On May 5, 2015, the band received their first number-one win on South Korean track application SBS The Show with their third mini album: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1.
IMPORTANT : This awards / nominations (variety shown above) does not incorporate weekly recognition poll awards, monthly poll/award, melon weekly awards, authorities awards, music show wins, numerous no longer famous / no longer properly blanketed display awards and many others.
You will discover those awards (like melon weekly recognition awards etc) defined in later part of the article.KoreanAsia Artist Les Tuches 4 film streaming AwardsYearRecipientAwardResult2016BTSPopularity Award, SingerNominatedBest Icon Award, SingerWonBest Artist Award, Male SingerWon2017Popularity Award, SingerNominated2018Popularity Award (Singer)WonKorean Tourism Appreciation AwardWonFabulous AwardWonArtist of the Year – MusicWonDaesang Award (Singer)Won2019AAA X Dongnam Media & FPT Polytechnic Popularity AwardNominatedPopularity Award – MusicNominated2020Popularity Award – Singer (Male)WonBest of Best Popularity AwardWonDynamiteSong of the YearWonThe Fact Music AwardsYearRecipientAwardResult2019BTSArtist of the YearWonIdol Live Popularity AwardWonLove À Travers Ma Fenêtre film streaming Yourself: AnswerBest AlbumWonBTSDaesang AwardWonFan N Star Choice Artist AwardNominated2020Artist Of the YearWonDaesang AwardWonListener’s Choice AwardWonTMS Popularity AwardWonFan N Star Choice Artist AwardNominated2021Daesang AwardWonListener’s Choice AwardWonWorldwide Icon AwardWonYear’s Artist AwardWonFan N Star Choice Artist AwardNominatedTMA Popularity AwardNominatedGaon Chart Music AwardsGenie Music AwardsBoutYearRecipientAwardResult1st2018BTSArtist of the YearWon”FAKE LOVE”Song of the YearNominated”IDOL”NominatedBTSBest Selling Artist of the YearNominatedLove Yourself ‘Answer’Digital Album of the YearWon”IDOL”Dance Track (Male)WonBest Music VideoWon”FAKE LOVE”Rap/Hip Hop Music AwardNominatedBTSMale Group AwardWonGenie Music Popularity AwardWonIdol Champ Global Popularity AwardWonBest StyleWonBest FandomWon2nd2019BTSThe Male GroupWonThe Performing Artist MaleWonThe Top ArtistWonThe Top MusicNominatedThe Best Selling ArtistNominatedGenie Music Popularity AwardWonThe Global Popularity AwardWonM2 Top VideoWonGolden Disc AwardsYearRecipientAwardResult2014BTSNewcomer AwardWon2015Dark & WildDisk BongsangWon2016The Most Beautiful Moment in Life,Part 1Disk BonsangWonBTSGlobal Popularity AwardNominated2017WingsDisk BonsangWonBTSGolden Disk Asian ChoiceNominatedGlobal K-Pop Artist AwardWon2018Love Yourself ‘Her’Disk BonsangWonDisk DaesangWon”Spring Day”Digital BonsangWonDigital DaesangNominatedBTSGlobal Popularity AwardNominated2019Love Yourself ‘Answer’Disk DaesangWonDisk BonsangWonFAKE LOVEDigital DaesangNominatedDigital BonsangWonBTSU+ Idol Live Popularity AwardWonGlobal V LIVE Top 10 Best ArtistWonNetEase Most Popular K-pop StarWon2020Map of the Soul: PersonaBest AlbumWonBoy With Luv (feat. Halsey)Best Digital SongWonBTSTikTok Golden Disc Most Popular ArtistWonBTSK-Pop Star AwardWonKorean Popular Music AwardsYearRecipientAwardResult2018BTSBest ArtistNominatedPopularity AwardNominatedBonsangWonLove Yourself ‘Answer’Best AlbumWon”IDOL”Best Digital SongNominatedKorean Broadcasting AwardsYearRecipientAwardResult2017BTSArtist AwardWonKorean Music AwardsKorean Popular Culture & Arts Awards
The Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards are annual ceremony by KOCCA to honor individuals within the mass subculture and humanities industry. There are 4 classes and a complete of 30 recipients.YearRecipientAwardResult2016BTSCultural Minister AwardWon2017President AwardNominated2018Order of Cultural MeritWonMelon Music AwardsMelon Popularity AwardYearRecipientDate2015″Run”Weekly Popularity Award (December 7)2016″Blood Sweat & Tears”Weekly Popularity Award (October 17)Weekly Popularity Award (October 24)2017″Spring Day”Weekly Popularity Award (February 20)”DNA”Weekly Popularity Award (October 2)Weekly Popularity Award (October nine)Weekly Popularity Award (October sixteen)Weekly Popularity Award (October 23)Weekly Popularity Award (October 30)2018″FAKE LOVE”Weekly Popularity Award (May 28)Weekly Popularity Award (June 4)Weekly Popularity Award (June eleven)Weekly Popularity Award (June 18)Weekly Popularity Award (June 25)”IDOL”Weekly Popularity Award (September 3)Weekly Popularity Award (September 10)Weekly Popularity Award (September 17)Weekly Popularity Award (September 24)Weekly Popularity Award (October 1)”I’m Fine”Weekly Popularity Award (October eight)Mnet Asian Music AwardsYearRecipientAwardResult2013BTSBest New Male ArtistNominated2014″Boy In Luv”Best Dance Performance – Male GroupNominated2015BTSBest Male GroupNominatedBest World PerformerWonThe Most Beautiful Moment in Life,Part 1UnionPay Album of the YearNominated2016″Wings”HotelsCombined Album of the YearNominated”Blood Sweat & Tears”HotelsCombined Song of the YearNominatedBest Dance Performance – Male GroupWonBest Music VideoNominatedBTSHotels Combined Artist of the YearWonBest Male GroupNominatediQIYI Worldwide Favorite ArtistNominated2017″DNA”Mwave Global Fans’ ChoiceNominatedBest Dance Performance – Male GroupNominatedQoo10 Song of the YearNominated”Spring Day”Best Music VideoWonBTSBest Male GroupNominatedQoo10 Artist of the YearWon2017 Favorite KPOP StarNominatedBest Asian Style in Hong KongWon”Love Yourself ‘Her'”Qoo10 Album of the YearNominated2018″FAKE LOVE”Mwave Global Fan ChoiceWonBest Dance Performance – Male GroupNominatedSong of the YearNominated”IDOL”TikTok Best Music VideoWonFavorite Music VideoWon”Love Yourself ‘Tear'” & “Love Yourself ‘Answer'”Album of the YearWonBTSBest Male GroupNominatedArtist of the YearWonWorldwide Icon of the YearWonGlobal Top 10 Fan’s ChoiceWonFavorite Dance Artist (Male)WonBest Asian StyleWon2019Artist of the YearWonWorldwide Fan’s ChoiceWonWorldwide Icon of the YearWonBest Music VideoWonBest Male GroupWonQoo10 Favorite Male ArtistWon”Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey)”Song of the YearWonBest Dance Performance – Male GroupWon2020BTSArtist of the YearWonWorldwide Icon of the YearWonBest Male GroupWonWorldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10Won”Dynamite”Song of the YearWonBest Dance Performance – Male GroupWonBest Music VideoWon”Map of the Soul: 7″Album of the YearWon”Eight (Prod. & Feat. Suga of BTS)”Best CollaborationWonSeoul Music AwardsYearRecipientAwardResult2014BTSNew Artist AwardWon2015Bonsang AwardWonPopularity AwardNominatedHallyu Special AwardNominated2016Bonsang AwardWonPopularity AwardNominatedHallyu Special AwardNominated2017Bonsang AwardWonBest Male Dance Performance AwardWonDaesang AwardNominatedPopularity AwardNominated”Wings”Record of the Year (Album)Won”Blood Sweat & Tears”Best Music Video AwardWon2018BTSPopularity AwardNominatedHallyu Special AwardNominatedBonsang AwardWonDaesang AwardWon2019Popularity AwardNominatedHallyu Special AwardNominatedBonsang AwardWonDaesang AwardWon”Love Yourself ‘Tear'”Best Album AwardWonSoribada Best K-Music AwardsYearRecipientAwardResult2017BTSHallyu StarWonBonsang AwardNominated2018WonDaesang AwardWonPopularity Award (Male)NominatedGlobal Fandom AwardNominatedWorld Social Artist AwardWon2019Bonsang AwardWonPopularity Award (Male)WonDaesang Award (Artist of the Year)Won2020Bonsang AwardNominatedDaesang Award (Artist of the Year)WonInternationalAmerican Music AwardsBoutYearRecipientAwardResult46th2018BTSFavorite Social ArtistWon47th2019WonTour of the YearWonFavorite Duo or Group Pop/RockWon48th2020WonFavorite Social ArtistWon49th2021Artist of the YearWonFavorite Pop Duo or GroupWonButterFavorite Pop SongWonBillboard Music AwardsYearRecipientAwardResult2017BTSTop Social ArtistWon2018Won2019WonTop Duo/GroupWon2020NominatedTop Social ArtistWon2021WonTop Song Sales ArtistWonTop Duo or GroupWonDynamiteBest Selling SongWonBBC Radio1 Teen AwardsBoutYearRecipientAwardResult11th2018BTSBest International GroupWonSocial Media StarWonBravo Otto AwardsBoutYearRecipientAwardResult—2019BTSBest Group/DuoWonBreakTudo Awards

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