VIVIZ Will Bring G-FRIEND’s Song That Has Not Been Released Ahead Of The Final ‘Queendom 2’

Recently, Fans Were Shocked By The Footage Released By Mnet For The Show ‘Queendom 2’ Nearing The Finale. The Reason Is, The Contestants Are Challenged To Bring Their New Song.

The excitement of Mnet’s ” Queendom 2 ” has brought the contestants in stunning performances. In the continuation of the episode, now the contestants will compete more actively in presenting the best for their viewers before the final.

Towards the final round, each participant was required to perform their newest song on the “Queendom 2” stage for the comeback battle. One of the contestant groups , VIVIZ, is rumored to be performing a song that should have been included in G-Friend’s album before disbanding. “The title of this song is ‘Red Sun!’. This is a song that was almost released on our latest album at the previous agency,” said SinB .

Recently, Queendom 2 has provided a teaser trailer for the upcoming week’s episode. The survival event gradually revealed snippets of new songs by artists competing for the final battle.

In the final round of the highly anticipated idol competition program including VIVIZ, LOONA , WJSN ( Cosmic Girls ), Brave Girls , Kep1er and soloist Hyorin will face off against new songs.

Ahead of the final broadcast, the six songs will be released simultaneously on May 27 at 12 pm. And the number of streams achieved by each song over the next few days will count towards the artist’s digital score.

It was revealed that the Brave Girls performed a song called “Whistle” for the final battle. Hyorin’s song is “Waka Boom (My Way)” (featuring Lee Young Ji ).

Then Kep1er with “THE GIRLS (Can’t turn me down),” LOONA with “POSE” and VIVIZ with ” Red Sun! ” and WJSN with “AURA.” However, what’s interesting is how enthusiastic fans are about the title song that VIVIZ will perform.

Fans were moved to hear the explanation from SinB. The reason is, previously three members of VIVIZ debuted with G-Friend, which has now disbanded.

So it’s not surprising that fans are anticipating the release of songs that have not been released while in the G-Friend group. Reportedly, the latest song “Red Sun!” it will be released in the near future through the Spotify platform.

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