Too Made-Up, This ‘Twenty-Five, Twenty-One’ Theory Makes Kim Tae Ri Laugh


During An Interview Recently, Kim Tae Ri Also Commented On One Of The Theories Of Viewers Of ‘Twenty-Five, Twenty-One’. Check Out The Full Narrative Below.

Kim Tae Ri recently had an interview with Sports Chosun to discuss various interesting things about the drama ” Twenty-Five, Twenty-One “. One of the topics he discussed was a funny theory about Baek Yi Jin ( Nam Joo Hyuk ).

As is known, Kim Tae Ri plays a fencing athlete named Na Hee Do. In today’s setting, Na Hee Do has a daughter named Kim Min Chae.

The surname “Kim” in the name of Na Hee Do’s daughter successfully made viewers overthink from the start. They also created various theories, including believing that Baek Yi Jin’s real name was Kim Baek Yi Jin.

Because it was too far-fetched, this theory succeeded in making Kim Tae Ri laugh out loud. He commented, “That’s what surprised me the most. The desire to unite this couple is great. I watched the drama with a straw gripping feeling. That’s love.”

He continued, “I really love this couple and I hope they do well. The registered daughter’s name is Kim Min Chae, but the desire to (deny that her father is someone else) is surprising and quite new.”

Kim Tae Ri then said, “I laughed the loudest when I read that theory. The theory of Yi Jin’s name is Baek Yi Jin, his surname is Kim. So his full name is Kim Baek Yi Jin. I always laugh out loud when I think of that theory. “

Lastly, Kim Tae Ri expressed his gratitude for the success of this drama. She said, “At first I didn’t work with such expectations, and I never imagined it. I didn’t know that I would receive so much love.”

Meanwhile, the “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” airing slot will be replaced with ” Our Blues ” starring Shin Min A to Kim Woo Bin . The plan, this drama will start airing on April 9.


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