Tom and Jerry Film Review: The Good Reputations of Two Characters Are Damaged!


Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse are two iconic cartoon characters that are loved by everyone in the world. Their eternal animosity dates back to the 1940s and continues to accompany us even today. Warner Bros. is ambitiously working on a Tom and Jerry film under the command of Tim Story. Unfortunately, critics and audience reviews on the film Tom and Jerry were very bad.

Bad comments and scathing criticism are indeed appropriate for this film written by Kevin Costello. Instead of bringing a nostalgic and refreshing feel to Tom and Jerry, this film actually destroys the reputation of our beloved cartoon character. Warner Bros., Tim Story and Kevin Costello made mistakes even when they had the urge to make this film.

Weak Plot and Story

As we know, Tom and Jerry is a legendary comedy cartoon. A silent animation that has the power of a typical slapstick comedy . Adapting this silent cartoon into a feature film is certainly not an easy thing. In this case, Tim Story and Kevin Costello need a story to become the arena for the cat and mouse chase.

This film has a plot and story that is too simple and even weak. The film begins with Tom who has a grudge against Jerry for breaking his piano. Jerry who was looking for a house finally got into a luxury hotel and stayed there. On the other hand, the character Kayla (Chloe Grace Morez) is confused after being fired and looking for a job at a hotel which happens to be busy with the wedding procession of two famous couples in New York City, Ben (Collin Jost) and Preeta (Pallavi Sharda). Kayla finally applies and is accepted to work under Terrence (Michael Pena).

Long story short, the marriage of the two celebrities was threatened with failure by the presence of Jerry. However, there should be no rats in luxury hotels. Terrence finally orders Kayla to arrest Jerry. Due to difficulties, Kayla finally recruits Tom to help her get rid of Jerry. From here, chases and various wedding dramas occur which are chaotic because of the actions of these two main characters.

Ugly From All Sides

In terms of plot, we can conclude that this Tom and Jerry film is not interesting and special at all. This is exacerbated by the lack of various lines. For some reason I feel that this film is just trying to ruin our childhood memories of Tom and Jerry and at the same time ruin the mood of the audience.

Viewers are forced to see the weakness of the story and plot by watching the drama of the wedding of two artists in New York. Even though the audience just wanted to see Tom and Jerry’s chase. Unfortunately, I feel that Tom and Jerry are only used as sweeteners and not the main content in this film. The Story team actually presents an excessive portion of the story which is ugly and half-dead and ignores the typical actions of Tom and Jerry.

The acting of the actors in this film is also very stiff. Chloe’s interactions with Tom and Jerry were awkward and unnatural. Michael Pena, who is usually not very funny and less violent, becomes an antagonist in cartoons. This begs the question, are the actors not used to acting alone, or the poor direction of Team Story? In addition to the rigid acting, the comedy formula used in this film is so thin it’s almost impossible to find

Just imagine this film doesn’t even make a single joke in the dialogue or the behavior of the actors. In fact, Tim Story has many characters that can be explored to add to the laughter of the audience. For example, maximizing Michael Pena and Ken Jeong who plays a grumpy chef or Patsy Ferran who plays Joy, a hotel employee who looks like a psychopath. Unfortunately a thousand dear, Tim Story is even engrossed in thinking about marriage and moral messages which are actually not important and very good. In short, this film is very disappointing to the point that I do not want any more films Tom and Jerry version of the live-action if that result is as bad as this.

A little nostalgia

Although ugly, this film is enough to provide a little nostalgia with a maximum visual touch. Tom and Jerry doesn’t just rely on ordinary CGI, but adapts to Tom and Jerry’s typical animation style . The fact that the world in which Jerry lives accepts cartoonish logic is also a commendable concept. The audience was a little entertained to see the chases, blunt objects and various other slapstick comedies that were presented, although the duration was very thin. Tom and Jerry’s signature audios also appear, starting from Tom’s screams to the sound of objects hitting him.

This Tom and Jerry film also features several other characters such as Spike, Butch, Beauty Cat, The Alley Cat Gang to the cameo of Droppy, a smart dog who appears in Tom and Jerry Kids. Yes, only this nostalgia is a good value. Although I can’t cover how bad the Tom and Jerry film by Tim Story is.

So that’s the review of the Tom and Jerry film version of So is the Tom and Jerry movie worth watching? We advise you not to watch. Honestly, this film is not entertaining at all.


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