The Happy Ending Of ‘Young Lady And Gentleman’ Actually Reaps Protests, Why?


The Happy Ending Of The KBS Weekend Drama ‘Young Lady And Gentleman’ Actually Drew Protests From South Korean Netizens. Check Out The Full Reason In The News Below.

KBS weekend drama ” Young Lady and Gentleman ” has aired its last episode on Sunday (27/3). The drama ends with a happy ending for the main couple, namely Park Dan Dan ( Lee Se Hee ) and Lee Young Guk ( Ji Hyun Woo ).

In the last episode, Anna Kim had the opportunity to express her feelings to Park Dan Dan before she died. He also asked Lee Young Guk to take good care of Park Dan Dan.

After Anna Kim’s funeral, Park Soo Chul met Lee Young Guk to apologize and bless his relationship with Park Dan Dan. The news was also happily welcomed by Lee Young Guk’s children, so that they could tie the sacred vows of marriage smoothly.

The happy ending of this drama actually drew protests from South Korean netizens. Many of them expressed their disappointment to the production team with various comments on Naver TV. Check out some of the netizens’ responses below:

“They rushed to finish the drama in an unnatural way,” wrote one netizen. “This is unacceptable even if it’s a weekend drama,” added another netizen.

“Even the wedding scene is unrealistic,” said another. “I watched it until the end just because of the actors,” said other netizens and many more.

Meanwhile, the “Young Lady and Gentleman” airing slot will be replaced with ” It’s Beautiful Now “. The plan, the drama starring Yoon Shi Yoon will start airing on April 2.


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