The Batman Review: No Batman Movie Will Ever Before Be Like The Dark Knight



After the critically acclaimed and also highly effective The Dark Knight trilogy from Christopher Nolan entered our lives over 10 years back, it’s been almost impossible for any type of other incarnation of a Batman film to push it off its perch as ‘best Batman movie’.

Joker, routed by Todd Phillips as well as starring Joaquin Pheonix, came mighty close in 2019 but I keep that it’s not technically a ‘Batman’ movie– certain, Bruce Wayne makes the personality however a cameo is a kid as well as it’s long before he becomes the crime-fighting vigilante– as well as while outstanding, it’s just not comparable to The Dark Knight.

Nolan’s Batman films have actually left significant footwear to fill up as well as it’s fastidiously evident currently when a Batman is sub-par (I’m looking at you Ben Affleck in the DCEU films). As a result, it’s clear that Matt Reeves is one endure and ambitious man, as he dared to make The Batman, the most up to date movie adjustment of DC Comics’ most preferred personality (sorry Superman, I claimed what I stated).

While The Batman was extremely excellent, it didn’t come up to The Dark Knight, or perhaps, in my simple viewpoint, The Dark Knight Rises. I do believe it was better than Nolan’s Batman Begins however. Firstly, the cinematography and also direction were extraordinary. The Riddler’s opening night in The Batman gave me literal cools.

Robert Pattinson was superb; he played Bruce Wayne/Batman as a broody as well as clearly tortured male who at the end of the day is simply trying to make his city better whatsoever required, while Zoë Kravitz was a delight to see and is hands down the best Catwoman that’s ever beautified our displays. Paul Dano is the clear standout acting-wise in The Batman but in all truthfully, there wasn’t a single weak link in the actors; everyone toenailed their corresponding duties.

The plot of The Batman was intriguing– although, I would certainly’ve loved more scary and sadistic riddles from Dano’s Riddler and more scenes of Dano and also Pattinson together– yet there were definitely a few scenes that could’ve been reduced from the flick; which really felt a little too long. Furthermore, several of Batman’s voiceovers were a little platitudinal to the point of cringe.

And while Michael Giacchino’s score was wonderfully created and also actually fit the whole emo aesthetic Reeves and also Pattinson were clearly going for, the major musical theme of ball game played method excessive; it became shateringly repetitive.

With all that being said, generally, The Batman was an incredibly solid Batman movie. Again, I appreciated it a lot more than Nolan’s first Batman film, which indicates the second as well as 3rd of Reeves’ Batman movies– while absolutely nothing’s been formally confirmed, Reeves will certainly make even more Batman movies with Pattinson– have the prospective to knock The Dark Knight off its perch as they’ll ideally improve similar to exactly how Nolan’s 2nd Batman film was considerably far better than the first.

I would certainly offer The Batman a 7.5/ 10 and also highly advise that anybody who loves either comic book film adaptations or the crime category must go see it instantly.


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