Returned Problems: Morbius — It’s A Residing (vampire)

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Headlining his personal movie in theaters these days, Morbius the Living Vampire has been both ally and enemy to Spider-Man — though he become at the beginning the man the wall-crawler sought when he didn’t need a hand.

In “Amazing Spider-Man” #100, Spidey ingested a method that changed into imagined to take away his spider powers. Instead, he sprouted the greater palms, making him greater arachnid-esque than ever. In trouble a hundred and one, he confronted off against Dr. Michael Morbius, a person whose quest to remedy his uncommon blood ailment ended in him mutating right into a pseudo-vampire. Fortunately, his blood also held the important thing to curing Spider-Man of his extra appendages due to the fact comedian e-book science.

According to Brian Cronin’s “Was Superman a Spy?” e book approximately the reality in the back of comedian book rumors and legends, editor Stan Lee and creator Roy Thomas opted to make the character a “residing” vampire so he may someday be changed into a hero. Some believed the addition of the adjective turned into intended to avoid the Comics Code Authority’s prohibition towards using vampires, however the elimination of that rule without a doubt brought on Morbius’ introduction within the first region.

Spider-Man and Morbius might face off once more within the pages of “Marvel Team-Up” earlier than the kind-of vampire took the spotlight in titles like “Vampire Tales” and “Adventure into Fear,” tangling with even greater immense foes than himself, in addition to clashing with Marvel’s principal vampire hunter, Blade. Facing Spider-Man yet again, he become apparently cured of his vampiric soreness by means of a bolt of lighting fixtures in a 1980 issue.

But he relapsed in 1989 in time to clash with Doctor Strange in an issue of the sorcerer’s solo collection. Although born of technology, Morbius would start to move in more mystical circles, in the end getting his very own title as part of the supernatural set of “Midnight Sons” books along Strange, Ghost Rider and the Nightstalkers in the early ’90s. That collection lasted 3 years and 32 issues before Morbius diminished into the Marvel background again.

Later, he might become a group participant as part of A.R.M.O.R. (the Alternate Reality Monitoring and Operational Response agency), in which he labored along characters like Machine Man and Howard the Duck protective this neck of the Marvel Multiverse from dimensions overrun through incredible zombies.

Next he teamed with fellow monster antiheroes Werewolf by means of Night, Man-Thing, the Living Mummy and Manphibian as the Legion of Monsters, building an underground city as a sanctuary for their kind. They located the Punisher shortly after he’d been dismembered through Wolverine’s villainous son Daken, and Morbius mad scientisted him again collectively while the vigilante (actual name Frank Castle) had his book retitled “Franken-Castle.” He sooner or later recovered.

Marvel has added Morbius again on his very own now and again, exploring his past and persevering with his quest to sooner or later therapy himself, maximum lately in 2019, earlier than the film’s planned 2020 release become delayed through the COVID-19 pandemic. If the movie profits traction, it’s probable a Morbius identify will upward push again.

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* “Morbius Epic Collection: The Living Vampire” — Reprints the earliest appearances of Morbius, battling and teaming up with various superheroes and taking on supernatural threats on his own.

* “Morbius: The Living Vampire: The Man Called Morbius” — After escaping from the superhuman prison known as the Raft, Morbius attempts to stay below the radar by way of hiding out in a place called Brownsville. He finishes up turning into the city’s reluctant champion.

* “Morbius: Old Wounds” — The brand new take on Morbius reveals the dwelling vampire close to a cure for his circumstance, however the medicine is probably worse than the sickness.

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