Park Jin Young Will Make A New Breakthrough Through The ‘KPop Star’ Team Audition Program


Park Jin Young, Founder Of JYP Entertainment, Will Hold A New Audition Program With SBS’s ‘KPop Star’ Team. Different From Before, There Will Be A New Breakthrough In The Program.

Park Jin Young , senior singer and founder of JYP Entertainment will hold a new audition program with KBS television station. Through a program titled ” Performance Chorus Battle Audition ,” the singer who is also known as JY Park will show a new breakthrough.

On Monday (21/3), the industry reported that Park Jin Young would collaborate with SBS’s “KPop Star” production team. Different from the past where Park Jin Young held an idol group audition with trainees, the “Performance Chorus Battle Audition” program was for the chorus team.

Classified as unique, “Performance Chorus Battle Audition” has been ambitiously prepared since last year. This program was formed with the hope that the choir on the South Korean entertainment stage will be more ogled.

In addition, viewers also get fun and new experiences when watching a different type of survival than before. The reason is, “Performance Chorus Battle Audition” promises a high-quality chorus.

“Performance Chorus Battle Audition” will recruit participants until May 2, 2022. Regardless of age and gender, at least one team must consist of 16 to 28 members.

The winner of the “Performance Chorus Battle Audition” is expected to be able to compete in the international music scene by carrying the title “K-Choir”. Later, Park Jin Young and other experts will guide the winning team to compete in the music industry.

Park Jin Young himself is known for his ability to recognize talents that have the potential to become big names in the Korean music scene and the world. For example, TWICE was formed from the program ” Sixteen ” which aired in 2015. Not only TWICE, there is Stray Kids which was formed from the survival program of the same title and the Japanese girl group NiziU from ” Nizi Project “.

Meanwhile, the “Performance Chorus Battle Audition” is planned to be held in the second half of 2022.


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