Oh Na Ra Suddenly Makes Sharp Comments On Noze In ‘The Sixth Sense 3’, What’s Up?

Oh Na Ra Made A Striking Comment On Noze Who Was A Guest Star On The Latest Episode Of ‘The Sixth Sense’ Season 3. Check Out The Full Review In The News Below.

The tvN program ” The Sixth Sense 3 ” aired its new episode on Friday (13/5). Jeon So Min who is a regular cast in the first 2 seasons, Noze and Aiki ” Street Woman Fighter ” are present as guest stars.

This is Jeon So Min’s second appearance after coming last week with Lee Ju Myoung , that’s why the other members are very happy. Jessi ( Jessica Ho ) comments, “Why did you come back?”

When asked if Jeon So Min will return to join as a permanent member, Yoo Jae Seok commented, “That’s not the case. But he said he had an empty schedule while filming the drama.”

When another guest appeared from a distance, Yoo Jae Seok greeted him very warmly. “They are my favorite little sisters,” said the man nicknamed the National MC.

But then he commented, “Noze and Aiki are here, but So Min and Mijoo look really disappointed.” Even though Jeon So Min and Mi Joo denied this, Aiki made the others burst out laughing when he said, “You’re expecting a male guest, right?”.

The members then discussed Noze and Aiki’s popularity thanks to their participation in “Street Woman Fighter”. When asked if she’s been too busy lately, Noze replied, “I’m a little busy. But I’m trying to find more peace of mind than when I was in ‘Street Woman Fighter’.”

Oh Na Ra who heard the answer immediately gave a striking comment. “The bubble (of fame) will end in two months,” said Oh Na Ra, making Noze and the others laugh out loud.

Yoo Jae Seok responded, “Your comments are getting stronger. That’s good.” Jessi also gave sincere advice saying, “People should do it when the time comes because nothing lasts forever (including fame).”

After hearing all this, Lee Sang Yeob asked, “When will my golden days come?”. Yoo Jae Seok then commented, “Your bubble hasn’t arrived yet. Still no bubbles. Wait for the right time.”

Meanwhile, “The Sixth Sense” is a reality show that aims to test the players’ “sixth sense” through fun missions where they have to find the fake among the real ones. This season is even more interesting because there are spies among the players and guests who will mislead the search.

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