NMIXX’s Life In The Dorm Is Revealed, Jiwoo Reveals What It’s Not Good To Live With

He Also Described What It Was Like To Live With The Older Members As One Of The Youngest In The Group. Jiwoo Revealed That They Were All Friendly To Each Other.

Most idol groups live together in dorms, especially when they are just debuting. NMIXX , JYP Entertainment’s newest girl group, is no exception in this part of K-Pop culture and they share what daily life in a dorm is like.

In the latest episode of “PICK NMIXX,” Jiwoo and Kyujin met up to interview each other and chat about themselves. When discussing the topic of roommates, Jiwoo opened up about one unfortunate aspect of dorm life.

According to him, the most unpleasant thing about living together is having to adjust to it from the start. He is not used to sharing a room with other people. Living with other people made him realize how important respect is.

“I’m not sure it’s negative, but anyway, before we lived in the same house, we lived in each other’s house. And now, two people share the same room. So we have to respect each other,” said Jiwoo.

He also described what it was like to live with the older members as one of the youngest in the group. While it was easy to see why it was sometimes difficult, Jiwoo insisted that they were all friendly with each other—so much so that he barely noticed their age difference. Because they are good friends, he believes that dorm life is comfortable.

“Frankly, our team members don’t feel they are much older than me. The older members are like friends. We are very comfortable with each other. It’s also comfortable to live in the same house. They are like friends, like friendly brothers,” he said. Jiwoo.

Kyujin easily agreed with Jiwoo and added that there was no division within the group in terms of age. They all get along well. “I also agree with you. There is no difference between the youngest or oldest among the members. NMIXX members are always friendly,” said Kyujin.

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