Miyawaki Sakura And Kim Chae Won’s Girl Groups Are Predicted To Be Popular And Follow In The Footsteps Of IVE

With The Popularity Of Sakura And Kim Chae Won As Former IZ*ONE Members, As Well As Good Visuals And Skills, The Upcoming Girl Group Source Music X HYBE Is Also Expected To Succeed Like IVE.

In a recent official statement, Source Music announced that Miyawaki Sakura and Kim Chae Won signed an exclusive contract with HYBE’s sub-label, Source Music. Their girl group is expected to follow in the footsteps of IVE .

“The two artists signed an exclusive contract based on mutual trust with us, and they will debut under the first girl group launched through a collaboration between HYBE and Source Music,” said the agency that used to oversee G-FRIEND .

Miyawaki Sakura was previously expected to join the new girl group HYBE early after IZ*ONE ‘s disbandment . In addition, Kim Chae Won joined the team to complete a solid lineup. The news that the two will be joining the new girl group Source Music has received enthusiastic responses both in Korea and abroad.

When the news of Sakura and Kim Chae Won joining the girl group Source Music was officially announced, Japanese fans showed great interest. It was reported by major Japanese media outlets, including Oricon and Yahoo Japan. In addition, it also ranks highly in the hot trend of Weibo in China.

Girl groups Sakura and Kim Chae Won will also mark the first collaboration between Source Music and HYBE in launching an idol lineup. Source Music is known for the success of G-FRIEND, while HYBE is in charge of managing famous boy groups including BTS ( Bangtan Boys ), TXT , and ENHYPEN .

Therefore, the collaboration between Source Music and HYBE is expected to create a synergy. Recently, chairman Bang Si Hyuk posted a photo of himself with Sakura and Kim Chae-won on Instagram to welcome the two female idols to HYBE.

In addition, both Sakura and Kim Chae Won already have solid fandoms, which signifies the birth of a trending rookie girl group. Sakura and Kim Chae Won made it into the debut ranks of the Mnet survival show ” Produce 48 ” and were active as IZ * ONE members both domestically and abroad for 2 years and 6 months. Since they already have experience and a good fan base, they promise to continue to show their potential in the new team.

Previously, IVE, which included two other former IZ*ONE members, Jang Won Young and Ahn Yujin , debuted at the end of last year and has had a lot of success since then. With “ELEVEN”, IVE not only took home the record number of music show wins for the debut song of a rookie girl group, they have also been recognized as a leading 4th generation girl group.

With Sakura and Kim Chae Won’s immense popularity as former IZ*ONE members, as well as their beautiful visuals and good skills, the upcoming girl group Source Music x HYBE is also expected to succeed like IVE.

Sakura and Kim Chae-won also expressed their anticipation for new activities. Sakura said, “I hope we can meet soon. Please show your interest and support for my future activities.” Kim Chae Won said, “I have worked hard to show you my improvement just as you have been waiting for me, so please look forward to it.”

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