Mark NCT DREAM Did Not Rule Out The Possibility With WINNER’s Hoony, Jeno And Renjun Forbid Them To Get Married

During The Live Broadcast, The Radio Show Picked Up The Twitter Post That Lee Seung Hoon Had Published About Mark. The Post Captures The Results Generated By Random Play.

NCT DREAM ‘s Mark Lee and WINNER ‘s Lee Seung Hoon (II) shared a hilarious “interaction”! On April 7, NCT DREAM made a guest appearance on SBS Power FM’s “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” to promote their latest comeback with the group’s second full album, “Glitch Mode.”

During the live broadcast, the radio show brought up the Twitter post that Lee Seung Hoon had published about Mark. The post captured the results generated by a random game titled, “Male idols with whom you have at least a 1 percent chance of getting married.”

The game replied, “Lee Seung Hoon has a 4 percent chance of marrying NCT’s Mark.” Along with the results, Lee Seung Hoon wrote a comment, “It’s not impossible…”

Mark laughed out loud when he talked about the post. When asked, “What do you think of Lee Seung Hoon?” the 1999-born singer hesitantly said that there was still a possibility.

“He’s really…really… I think he looks really fun. WINNER is a group I’ve listened to a lot since I was young, so it’s a group I respect, and he’s a member of that group. It’s not impossible. “

However, Jeno forbade Mark to marry by commenting, “Still, you can’t get married yet,” and Renjun added, “Because you’re still young.”

Meanwhile, NCT DREAM is currently still busy with promotional activities for “Glitch Mode” by appearing on music and radio shows. Today, Thursday (7/4), the group won the victory trophy on “M Countdown” for their new song.

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