Lee Joon And Kang Han Na Met, The ‘Bloody Heart’ Team Leaked About This Figure’s Unusual Attitude


After Closing The Previous Episode Of ‘Bloody Heart’ With A Sweet Kiss, Lee Joon And Kang Han Na Were Reunited With This Figure. Here’s A Comment From The Production Team.

KBS2’s Monday-Tuesday night drama, ” Bloody Heart ” is just getting more and more exciting. To make viewers more curious, the production team revealed footage of scenes from Lee Joon , Kang Han Na and Jang Hyuk in one panel sequence.

Themed historical fiction, “Bloody Heart” tells the story of a king who must leave his beloved lover and a woman who must become queen in order to survive. The drama’s storyline is centered on the complicated love story of Lee Tae (Lee Joon) and Yoo Jung (Kang Han Na) amidst royal intrigue and the threat of Park Gye Won (Jang Hyuk).

Previously, Yoo Jung tried to destroy Park Gye Won by risking his life and revealing his identity. A cornered Park Gye Won reveals Yoo Jung’s outstanding qualities. Episode 8 closed with Lee Tae and Yoo Jung’s kiss after the king left Cho Won Pyo ( Heo Sung Tae )’s request to sleep with Cho Yeon Hee ( Choi Ri ).

In the newly released stills, Lee Tae, Yoo Jung and Park Gye Won face each other in a stifling atmosphere. The viewer’s attention is drawn to what situations caused them to be in such a setting. The presence of the three in one room constantly triggers the viewer’s question mark.

In particular, Lee Tae looks very tense while Park Gye Won on the other hand looks very about. However, it was clear that there was anxiety surrounding the atmosphere between Lee Tae and Park Gye Won.

On the other hand, Yoo Jung threw a suspicious roof at Park Gye Won. It didn’t stop there, Park Gye Won’s words made Lee Tae far from fear and Yoo Jung in suffering. Viewers are increasingly anticipating what conflicts they will go through in the latest episode of “Bloody Heart”.

The production team said, “In episode 9, Park Gye Won’s move will create a three-way encounter with Lee Tae and Yoo Jung again. Park Gye Won who was cornered by Yoo Jung before, somehow unites him with Lee Tae. Please watch his behavior. unusual through today’s broadcast.”

Meanwhile, “Bloody Heart” episode 9 will air tonight, Monday (30/5). This drama can be watched every Monday and Tuesday at 21:30 local time.


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