Jeon Do Yeon Rushed To Hospital With Head Injury At Netflix Filming Location


This News Was Only Reported By The Production Team Of The Film ‘Kill Bok Soon’ After Two Days Of Jeon Do Yeon’s Recovery From His Injury. However, The Current Condition Of The Actress Has Been Completely Reported.

It’s been reported that actress Jeon Do Yeon suffered a head injury while filming for her latest Netflix film ” Kill Bok Soon “. This incident was reported on Thursday (7/4), in which representatives of the film’s production team confirmed the current condition of the actress.

According to several insiders in the film, Jeon Do Yeon recently suffered a laceration to her head while filming on the set for the Netflix original film “Kill Bok Soon”. Due to the incident that injured the main actress, filming was stopped.

Fortunately, Jeon Do Yeon’s injury is minor so it’s a relief. However, it’s true that the people who were on set were shocked because she was the main character. Jeon Do Yeon returned to the scene after a few days of rest after hearing the doctor’s opinion to rest for a while. for a while, and filming is currently running smoothly,” a representative reported.

If traced to the statement of the production team representative, this incident most likely happened about two to three days ago. However, his party only revealed the condition of the actress after being declared cured.

This injury made Jeon Do Yeon have to get stitches for the wound area which has been resolved after being immediately taken to the hospital. It was reported that Jeon Do Yeon had returned to the set 2 days later and fortunately the injury was classified as minor.

“Kill Bok Soon” is an action film about a legendary assassin who renews their contract with a company. Gill Bok Soon (Jeon Do Yeon) is a single mother. He is also a lethal assassin with a 100% success rate on his actions. At the same time, Gill Bok Soon realizes that his boss is a dangerous person who can take everything from him.

Meanwhile, the film “Kill Bok Soon” which also hooks actors Ko Gyo Hwan and Esom is directed by Byun Sung Hyun from ” The Bully Party: The World of Bad Guys ” and ” Kingmaker “. It is not known when the exact broadcast schedule will be.


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