Is Morbius Inside The Mcu? Shared Universe Connections Explained


Morbius is the 0.33 entry in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, however here’s how the film is hooked up to the MCU and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

Warning! SPOILERS for Morbius.

Sony’s modern day Spider-Man villain movie is out, and questions about if Morbius is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have finally been responded. Jared Leto’s solo Marvel movie is the state-of-the-art access in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, which takes a number of his villains from the comics and turns them into anti-heroes. Since the studio is likewise running with Marvel Studios on Tom Holland-led Spider-Man movies, there have lengthy been questions about if those films are set within the MCU, a modern shared universe, Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man universe, or if Morbius and Venom exist in separate universes from each different and the whole lot else.

When it involves Morbius, it was predicted that the movie could suit in the same universe as Tom Hardy’s Venom. However, Sony’s advertising campaign for the Jared Leto movie created mass confusion. The Morbius trailers covered references to Venom, Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, Oscorp from The Amazing Spider-Man, and the MCU. The latter got here as Spider-Man turned into classified as a assassin much like after Spider-Man: Far From Home, whilst Michael Keaton’s go back as Vulture additionally raised essential questions. Now that Morbius has been released following several delays, the solution is showed.

Either to disappoint or relieve enthusiasts, Morbius is not in the MCU. The film confirms that its events and Jared Leto’s Living Vampire person do not take location inside the MCU. Details scattered throughout the runtime tease this revelation, however it’s miles actually Morbius‘ post-credits scenes that directly confirm its existence out of doors of Marvel Studios’ shared universe. So while Sony might want Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to combat Morbius, the two characters presently stay in completely exclusive universes.What Universe Morbius Is In & How It Connects To The MCU

Instead of Morbius being within the MCU, Sony’s film confirms that it takes place in the equal universe as the Venom franchise. There are references to weird occasions in San Francisco, which can be a connection with both Tom Hardy movie. There is even a factor whilst Michael Morbius scares criminals through saying, “I am Venom,” which actually positions the film to be set in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, now not the MCU. This makes Morbius the 1/3 access in Sony’s shared universe, and extra are on the way with Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web.

Despite Morbius no longer taking place in the MCU, the film does formally link the film to Marvel’s shared universe via the multiverse. Morbius‘ put up-credits scene suggests a continuation of Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s spell ripping open the sky in this universe and confusingly transporting Michael Keaton’s MCU Vulture to the Morbius and Venom universe. While audiences now attempt to wrap their heads around the implications of the scene, it affords Sony with any other hyperlink to the MCU’s multiverse. This could imply Sony and Marvel Studios in the end work collectively to have Jared Leto’s Morbius take part in an MCU occasion, however that doesn’t exchange the reality that Morbius isn’t within the MCU.

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