Insinuated That He Only Looks ‘Bones’, EXO’s Suho Admits His Weight Has Decreased To 10 Kg


It Started When DJ Choi Hwa Jung Of SBS ‘Power FM ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time’ Commented On Suho’s Return From Military Service And Said That The EXO Member Looked Thinner.

Still on the promotion agenda for his new solo album, Suho recently appeared on the SBS radio program “Power FM ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” on April 12 yesterday. On that occasion the EXO boyband leader also mentioned his weight which had dropped drastically even though it is now more stable.

It started when DJ Choi Hwa Jung commented on Suho’s return from the military and told Suho, “Except for being too skinny, you are exactly the same as before.” and Suho replied, “Recently I lost a lot of weight. During the military, I gained about 10 kg and peaked at 7 0kg, but now I only weigh about 60 kg. After my (promotional) activities are over, I think I should exercise and gain some more weight.”

Choi Hwa Jung then said, “I hugged Suho a bit but he’s just a bone now. But Suho is still the same, it’s as if he’s time travelling. That’s also a skill these days.” Suho recently returned with his solo album “Grey Suit” on April 4 KST, where he participated in planning the album concept and writing lyrics for all of the songs.

Meanwhile, on March 30, 2020, Suho released his debut mini album, “Self-Portrait” and its lead single “Let’s Love” and became the fourth EXO member to debut as a solo artist. His mini album peaked at number one on the Gaon Album Chart and has sold over 290,338 copies in South Korea as well as winning all three major music shows on Korean broadcasts during the week and becoming the first EXO member to do so. On May 14, Suho enlisted for his mandatory military service as a public service officer and was officially discharged on February 13, 2022.


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