Heechul SuJu Shows Off A Photo When Wearing Women’s Clothes, The Identity Of The Girl Is Surprising


Kim Heechul Attracted Attention When Showing Off His Friendship With Ayla When They Exchanged Bags And Clothes. He Wore Women’s Clothes Complete With A Handbag.

Super Junior ‘s Kim Heechul is attracting attention by showing off his global connection. Recently, the singer and variety show star showed a photo of him wearing a woman’s outfit belonging to a surprising figure.

On March 19, Kim Heechul posted several photos on his Instagram, along with the caption, “My friend Maxine Koo and Chingmy Yau’s daughter, Ayla.” The released photos show Kim Heechul taking a mirror selfie with Chingmy Yau’s daughter, Ayla.

Kim Heechul attracted attention when showing off his friendship with Ayla when they exchanged bags and clothes. The ” Ask us Anything ” star was seen wearing women’s clothing complete with a handbag.

Meanwhile, Kim Heechul also caught the attention of netizens by showing respect and affection for Chingmy Yau. Kim Heechul said, “Chingmy Yau is the cutest, cutest and most beautiful 3D woman I’ve ever seen. I think everyone my age will agree.”

Chingmy Yau was one of Hong Kong’s leading beautiful actresses in the 1990s. He became popular by appearing in “Kung Fu Cult Master,” “God of Gamblers Returns” and “City Hunter.” In addition, Kim Heechul also posted a photo with “Hong Kong chaebol girl” Maxine Koo, causing a shock by revealing his friendship with her.

When the photo was released, netizens posted comments on Kim Heechul’s Instagram saying, “Wow, you’re amazing,” “A very successful fan,” “Ayla looks so much like her mother,” and “Wow, she’s beautiful,” “She’s prettier,” and “Wow, that’s amazing.”

Meanwhile, Kim Heechul was previously criticized for saying, “Are you going to appear on Panda TV?” to Kang Seung Yoon and Kim Jin Woo WINER (II) , who did the Cocaine Dance on the web entertainment show “Street Alcohol Fighter.”

Panda TV is an online platform where private broadcasting takes place. On this site, the amount of adult content that is not allowed to be watched by minors is not small. Since the controversy broke out, the video has been made private to the public.


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