CL Confesses Afraid Of Being Found Prepares For 2NE1’S Reunion

2NE1 Made A Big Surprise At The 2022 Coachella Stage. Fans Only Knew That CL Would Be Performing Solo, But It Turns Out That The 2NE1 Members Also Came To Cheer Them On.

CL was a guest star in the latest episode of “You Quiz on the Block” which was broadcast on Wednesday (25/5). On that occasion, the singer who was born in 1991 discussed the surprise reunion of 2NE1 on the 2022 Coachella stage.

CL expressed her thoughts that they would be exposed to the public while preparing for a reunion before being able to appear on stage. “We wanted to prepare a surprise stage. We thought we were caught in the middle (of preparation),” said CL.

Afraid of being caught, he revealed that they practiced choreography secretly at the dance academy run by Minzy . Sandara Park cs was even willing to practice in the middle of the night without notifying the agency.

“Class ended at 10 so we gathered at 11, practiced quietly and then took a taxi home, without telling our agency,” said CL. He also revealed his reasons for arranging a 2NE1 reunion.

“I really want us to get together once, and I want to greet the fans properly because before, we did it ambiguously,” CL confided. The “SPICY” singer briefly revealed how 2NE1 felt when the reunion was successful.

“It took us about 40 minutes to get back home. The members didn’t say anything to each other but we all realized how precious 2NE1’s performance was,” vented CL.

“I think we all feel the same after getting into the car and looking out the window. We were like that then after coming home, we ate burgers, ate bibimmyeon, and had fun all night dancing and listening to 2NE1’s songs,” concluded CL.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 is considered to have succeeded in making a big surprise at the 2022 Coachella stage. Because fans only know that CL will be performing solo, but it turns out that 2NE1 members also came to entertain them. 2NE1’s reunion appearance made headlines in various media and received a lot of praise.

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