Cha Seung Won Works Hard, The ‘Our Blues’ Production Team Hints At Interesting Things

Ahead Of The Broadcast, TvN Introduced The Main Characters In ‘Our Blues’ One By One. Cha Seung Won’s Character Becomes A Hard-Working Employee, The Production Team Hints At.

Approaching the premiere schedule, ” Our Blues ” reveals its characters one by one. After Lee Byung Hun and Shin Min A , now it’s the turn of the role of Cha Seung Won to be introduced by tvN to viewers.

“Our Blues” is an omnibus-style drama set in Jeju Island complete with the life stories of the people there. This drama raises the story of life that is sweet, sour, bitter starting from love, friendship, to conflict like Romeo-Juliet in it.

In “Our Blues”, Cha Seung Won played the role of Choi Han Soo who returned to his hometown in Jeju as a new person. Later, Choi Han Soo will meet Jung Eun Hee’s childhood friend, played by ” Parasite ” actress , Lee Jung Eun .

The production team introduced Choi Han Soo as a designated bank branch manager in Jeju. When he was young, Choi Han Soo was raised by a poor family until he was finally able to study in Seoul. Currently, he is working hard to support his daughter who goes abroad to study golf. Once back in Jeju, he faces his forgotten youth again.

In the newly released stills, Choi Han Soo’s life as a hardworking man is shown at a glance. Choi Han Soo’s world revolves only within the scope of his work at the bank.

Choi Han Soo’s hard-working character is shown by his tenacity to walk all day long to attract customers. Even though he is still busy even though his feet are blistered, a photo shows Choi Han Soo taking care of his feet.

In one photo of Choi Han Soo daydreaming on the beach, the production team hints that he is deep in thought about his past. Despite having a decent job that his friends envy, Choi Han Soo’s life is difficult. It will be interesting to know why Choi Han Soo looks so bitter and shabby compared to his job position at the bank.

Meanwhile, Choi Han Soo’s story can be watched on “Our Blues” which premieres on April 9. Replacing ” Twenty-Five, Twenty One “, this drama fills the slot every Saturday and Sunday at 21:10 local time.

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