Barcelona Vs Seville: What Is The Distinction?

How does B arcelona compare to Seville?

  • 21.fifty two% lower unemployment fee?

  • Has a beach seashore?
  • 313.ninety nine$ higher average profits?

    1 927.10$vs1613.11$
  • 21 more universities?

  • zero.92million extra population?

    1.62 millionvs0.7 million
  • sixty six extra museums?

  • 0.14% better populace growth fee?

  • eight more landmarks from UNESCO World Heritage listing?


How does Seville examine to Barcelona?

  • 2°C better common maximum temperature?

  • 68.sixty three% lower population density?

    4988 people/km²vs15900 human beings/km²
  • 8.52$ cheaper month-to-month public shipping ticket?

    36.ninety four$vs45.46$
  • 365.29$ cheaper hire for a one-bedroom condominium?

  • Has lake/s?
  • 145.five$ billionhigher GDP (PPP)?

    230$ billion vs84.five$ billion
  • 1 more big sports centers (stadiums, arenas, etc.)?

  • 1.14$ lower cost of one unmarried transportation price ticket?



Populous towns or international locations usually offer better employment possibilities due to their huge economies. Big towns entice businesses and commercial enterprise investment, and are typically crucial cultural centers and research hubs. Source: Wikipedia, 2022.

Population density indicates how cramped or unfold out population are. Cities or countries with high population densities may be taken into consideration overpopulated, which can be a problem if the infrastructure is underdeveloped. Source: Wikipedia, 2022.

The average populace boom fee displays the once a year growth or decrease in populace. Currently, the world’s population is growing at a rate of about 1.07% in step with 12 months. The higher the boom, the greater dynamic society feels. Source: Wikipedia, 2022.

Cities or nations with more youthful populace have usually higher development views. Young societies are more dynamic and innovative. Source: Wikipedia, 2022.

The percentage of lady residents, consistent with the metropolis’s reputable records. Source: Wikipedia, 2022; UNData, 2022.

The percentage of male citizens, consistent with the city’s legitimate statistics. Source: Wikipedia, 2022; UNData, 2022.

More people from overseas dwelling within the city offers a multicultural environment and may display how appealing it’s miles for foreigners.

Bigger single populace indicates that living by myself within the city is less difficult and extra lower priced. It’s also commonly linked with higher night lifestyles and dating opportunities. Source: Wikipedia, 2022; metropolis’s respectable stats, 2022.

The percentage of Facebook users among a whole city populace shows how familiar are metropolis’s inhabitants with net and indicates how popular the social media are. Source: Socialbakers, 2022.Quality of living

Low unemployment charge shows better profession opportunities and economic increase. Source: Wikipedia, 2022; metropolis’s professional stats, 2022.

Public health care is more low cost for a median citizen and typically assured for every body. Source: town’s official website, 2022.

Source: Wikipedia, 2022; metropolis’s official stats, 2022.

The common rent of a single-bed room rental positioned in the town middle. This shows how a lot of your salary could be allocated to lease prices, and the overall value of living of the town. Source:, 2022.

The popular price-introduced tax (VAT) charge. Source: Wikipedia, 2022.

The annual survey ranks 221 cities using 39 criteria. Important standards are protection, schooling, hygiene, healthcare, culture, environment, undertaking, political-economic balance and public delivery. Source: Mercer, 2022.

Universities, as facilities of better schooling and studies, are essential contributions to a town’s improvement. Source: Wikipedia, 2022.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reflects the value and productivity of an economic system. It measures the market fee of all of the very last items and offerings produced annually. To replicate the differences in the cost of living and inflation costs, we display the GDP at shopping electricity parity (PPP). Sources: Wikipedia, CIA World Factbook, 2022.

The Gini coefficient is a measure of dispersion, in this example used to expose the variant in earnings. A Gini coefficient of zero expresses best equality. A Gini coefficient of 1 expresses maximal inequality. Lower earnings inequalities suggest a greater same distribution of wealth and better opportunities for the common citizen. Source: Wikipedia, 2022.Environment

Source: Wikipedia, 2022; WMO, 2022.

Humidity is the amount of water vapor inside the air. High relative humidity reduces the effectiveness of sweating in cooling the body through decreasing the rate of evaporation of moisture from the pores and skin. In trendy, higher humidity makes climate tougher to stand for humans. Source: Wikipedia, 2022; WMO, 2022.

Low level of air pollution has an amazing have an impact on on humans’s fitness and great of living. Source: Wikipedia, 2022.

Source: Wikipedia, 2022; town’s reputable internet site, 2022.

Source: Wikipedia, 2022; city’s reliable internet site, 2022.

There are mountains at a distance of maximum 100 kilometers (62 miles) from the city. Mountains are taken into consideration to have an elevation of as a minimum 1,000 m (three,three hundred feet). Source: Wikipedia, 2022; metropolis’s respectable website, 2022.

Source: Wikipedia, 2022; town’s reliable website, 2022.

Source: Wikipedia, 2022; WMO, 2022.

Source: Wikipedia, 2022; WMO, 2022.Leisure

With extra huge sports centers (20,000+ seats), a city is capable of arrange extra important carrying activities. Source:, 2022.

Source: Wikipedia, 2022; metropolis’s legit internet site, 2022.

Source: Wikipedia, 2022; town’s official internet site, 2022.

Unknown. Help us by using suggesting a price. (Barcelona)

Unknown. Help us by means of suggesting a value. (Seville)

Source: Wikipedia, 2022; metropolis’s respectable website, 2022.

Source: Wikipedia, 2022; town’s respectable website, 2022.

The World Heritage List includes 962 residences forming a part of the cultural and natural historical past which the World Heritage Committee considers as having first-rate well-known cost. Source: UNESCO, 2022.

City with more public wireless spots offers simpler and wider net get admission to. Source: metropolis’s reliable internet site, 2022.

It shows that the metropolis is an important religious center. Source: Wikipedia, 2022.Transportation

Cost of the month-to-month public shipping ticket shows affordability of public transportation for a mean inhabitant. Source: Wikipedia, 2022; metropolis’s public transport internet site, 2022.

A less expensive unmarried price ticket will permit you to pass thru the city for much less cash. Whether you’re a visitor or a resident, it’ll help your financial system. Source: Official city’s public delivery website, 2022.

Cities with shorter common commuting time have typically better prepared public transportation device which allows citizens to waste much less time in a traffic. Source: Wikipedia, 2022; metropolis’s respectable stats, 2022.

A bike-sharing device makes a metropolis extra eco-friendly, suggests the metropolis’s seasoned cycling attitude, and provides new touristic opportunities. Source: Wikipedia, 2022.

More motorcycle paths gives more possibilities for cyclist, makes a metropolis extra eco friendly and enables to reduce site visitors jams. Source: Wikipedia, 2022.

The presence and range of airports suggests how right is connection of metropolis with exceptional worldwide destinations and its worldwide accessibility. Source: Wikipedia, 2022.

The subway price or number of kilometers of subway according to quantity of inhabitants suggests how well evolved the subway community is. Source: Wikipedia, 2022.

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