Avengers: Infinity War Review: This is Thanos’ Movie, Not Avengers


Avengers: Infinity War is the culmination of 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Heroes from various planets are trying to protect the galaxy from the threat of Thanos and Infinity War. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the Guardians reunite to prevent half the universe from being wiped out.

We will start with the review of Avengers: Infinity War, this film is already showing in Indonesian cinemas. This article is full of spoilers! So, if you don’t want to be exposed to spoilers, watch the film immediately at the nearest cinema.

Avengers: Infinity War Review
Power Stones and Space Stones
The film begins with Thanos attacking the ship Asgards led by Thor. Things were already chaotic, Thanos knew that the Space Stone was in Loki’s hands. Thanos had previously destroyed Xandar to retrieve the Power Stone. When Thor is captured, Loki holds the Space Stone and tries not to give it to Thanos. But when Thor is hurt with the Power Stone already in Thanos’ gauntlets, Loki is forced to give it away. The Hulk briefly battled Thanos, but he lost and was sent to Earth by Heimdall. Yes Heimdall dead, with a spear thrust through his heart.

After attaching the Space Stone to the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos told the Black Order to go retrieve the two immortal stones on Earth. Loki offered to be a guide to Earth, but he was actually trying to stab Thanos. His ruse didn’t work, the Mad Titan strangled him by the neck to death in front of Thor. Thanos smashed the ship into rubble with the power of the two stones he already had.

After being sent to Earth, the Hulk hits Doctor Strange’s house just like in the trailer. Strange, feeling threatened, goes to meet Tony Stark, who is with Papper Potts. Actually they both are planning their wedding reception. But after seeing Bruce’s presence, Tony had to go to Strange’s place. Just moments after that, Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian arrived in a giant ring ship over New York City.

Thrilling fight
This member of the Black Order came to retrieve the Time Stone that was in Strange’s Eye of Agammotto. There was a fierce battle between Iron Man, Wong, Strange with Ebony and Cull Obsidian. Iron Man displays nano technology when wearing his armor. Strange uses all kinds of magic against Ebony. Strange loses the fight and a sensing Spider-Man comes to his aid. He and Strange were brought flying into the spaceship. When Peter runs out of breath, Iron Man sends the Iron Spider to save Peter.

On the other hand, Vision and Scarlet Witch are on their ‘honeymoon’ being attacked by Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive. The two fight fiercely, but Cap’s team comes to their aid. Captain America, Black Widow and Falcon managed to make the Black Order retreat.

Cap then returned to the Avengers headquarters to meet with Rhodes. They have what technology can separate Vision from the Mind Stone on his forehead. And there is only one place with such advanced technology. Wakanda!

Reality Stone
The ship Thor that had previously sent the message, was received by the Guardians of the Galaxy team. Guardians came to Thor’s ship with the intention of saving or at least stealing the ship. But they saw debris and bodies flying. And suddenly Thor fell in front of the glass Guardians ship. Mantis helps Thor to wake up. After that Thor made a group with Rocket Raccoon and Groot to make Asgard’s strongest weapon, the Stormbreaker. Of course, he was looking to avenge the deaths of half of his people and his sister.

Thor’s group went to the place where the strongest weapon forge was, and it turned out that the Infinity Gauntlet was also made there. Meanwhile, the Star-Lord team of himself, Drax, Gamora, and Mantis head to Knowhere where The Collector keeps the Reality Stone. Gamora seemed to stab Thanos in the neck and heart, but that was just a different reality and Thanos already had his third stone. He can change things according to his will. Quill had previously promised to end Gamora’s life if he was caught, Quill had pointed his gun and pulled the trigger. But Thanos changed reality again, the gun that was supposed to emit a laser instead burst into bubbles. And Thanos brought Gamora back to the planet Titan.

On a giant ring ship that departs from Earth, Iron Man is instructed by Spider-Man to use a plan similar to the classic movie, Aliens. In order to defeat Maw, they bore a hole in the ship and managed to save Doctor Strange and his Time Stone.

Soul Stones
After returning to the planet Titan, there is a little flashback from Thanos. He raised Gamora as his adopted son and turned out to be the only one who knew the way to the Soul Stone. This is an unexpected part, all the theories floating before today were dispelled. As Thanos tortures Nebula, Gamora admits that the Soul Stone is in Vormir. There Thanos was greeted by the Red Skull who was thrown after he lost to Captain America. Red Skull tells you how to get the Soul Stone. A soul for a soul! Thanos had to sacrifice the person he loved the most.

Gamora seemed happy to hear the terms, she thought that Thanos didn’t have a loved one and had to feel the will of nature. But he was so wrong, Thanos shed tears, not for him, but for the person he loved so much. Thanos had to sacrifice Gamora, he threw her into the abyss and woke up with the Soul Stone in his hands.

Meanwhile, Thor must work on his own to create his new Hammer. With star power, he managed to melt the strongest iron as a weapon material. Thor is dying of having to manually turn on the starlight with his body at stake. Groot who from the start was just playing games was touched. He made Stormbreaker grip using part of his body. And God of Thunder is Back!

Time Stone
Nebula contacted Mantis and ordered the Star-Lord team to head to the planet Titan immediately. That’s where the Guardians met the Avengers. The collaboration between these heroes is presented, the battle is quite tense. Spider-Man managed to deal several blows in Thanos’ face. Strange’s magic also worked with Quill’s and “Bumm!” Mantis could hold Thanos enough for a while, the Mad Titan felt helpless. However, after Quill found out that Gamora was dead, he couldn’t contain his anger, he hit Thanos and brought him to his senses.

Thanos really won this fight. Tony is stabbed in the stomach, Drax and Mantis are flying somewhere, Doctor Strange is helpless. As he is about to make his final attack, Strange pleads not to kill Stark in exchange for the Time Stone. Previously Strange had seen over a million alternative futures and their chances of winning were only one.

Mind Stones
The battles in Wakanda are also not to be missed. The separation process between Mind Stone and Vision was carried out by Shuri, T’Challa’s younger brother. The entire tribe of Wakanda prepares for a terrible battle. Even though they had used amazing technology, they were still overwhelmed, especially when a huge crusher came underground.

Black Widow and Okoye fight against Midnight, they are assisted by Wanda. Meanwhile, Bruce who can’t transform into Hulk uses Hulkbuster armor to fight, a bit clunky but powerful enough to fight Cull Obsidian. When the operation was not finished, Corvus came after Vision, Shuri fought but was helpless, Vision had to intervene to fight this stick criminal.

Of these three fierce battles, the heroes of the earth managed to win. However, the Mad Titan with five Philosopher’s Stones was unstoppable. The strongest hero on Earth is trying to hold him back. There is only one way to prevent all of this from being achieved, namely by destroying the Mind Stone. Scarlet Witch this time must sacrifice the person she loves. He put all his strength into destroying the Mind Stone and Vision. And Haaaa Mind Stone shattered.

Has humanity been saved? I don’t think so! Thanos with the power of the Time Stone reverses time just before the Mind Stone is destroyed and Vision is still alive. After more time, Thanos took the Mind Stone straight from Vision’s forehead and completely killed him.

The only hope of humanity is left on Thor’s shoulders with his new weapon. S#!T, why didn’t Thor cut off Thanos’ hand? He even hit him in the chest. Thanos even mocked him by saying, “You should have hit the head.” And guess what happened… he snapped his fingers and annihilated the aftermath of the universe. Everything began to disappear, from Black Panther, Bucky, Falcon, Star-Lord, Mantis, Drax to Spider-Man. Thanos went nowhere.

Great comedy
In this film, all try to provide comedy with the style of their respective characters. Peter Parker with a quirky style of speech, Thor with a cool style and Bruce who looks so innocent. Not too much, enough to make this action-packed film and drama not boring to watch during this two and a half hours. Maybe some of us will feel like this ending is going to be like that. But that’s all been prepared for Avengers 4 in 2019.


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