Airline Staff Claims V BTS & Jennie BLACKPINK Departs To Jeju Island Together

A Person Claiming To Be An Airline Staff Claimed To Have Seen BTS’s V And BLACKPINK’s Jennie On A Flight To Jeju Island. The Two Idols Were Traveling In Business Class Seats.

Rumors of dating V BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) and Jennie BLACKPINK ( BLACK PINK ) seem to be getting more and more difficult to refute. The reason is that new “evidence” continues to emerge which shows these two idols are in an intimate relationship.

Dating rumors began with the circulation of photos that allegedly showed V and Jennie in the car with the Jeju Island area. A person who claimed to be an airline staff recently claimed to have seen the two idols on a flight to Jeju Island.

The Korean airline T’way staff wrote on the Blind app saying that they saw V and Jennie. Blind is an anonymous Korean social networking app for the workplace. Users must verify their work credentials to be able to post anonymously on the app.

The staff member wrote, “I wanted to share about this the day they left together. I’m so relieved to say it now. They were traveling in T’way business class seats. They were traveling out in the open together, so I assumed they were just dating in front of them.” general.”

The staff also shared that the two were on a flight departing from Gimpo airport. Another user explained that all T’way employees know about V and Jennie traveling together.

The staff revealed that V and Jennie’s flight was on May 21 with flight number TW717. The plane departs from Gimpo airport at 13:05 and lands at Jeju International airport at 14:15.

The staff’s claim fits the timeline when a photo of the two seen together on Jeju Island was released on May 22. T’way staff shared that the two ordered snacks and extra blankets on the flight.

But the airline staff’s claims have also sparked a new debate among netizens. Many believe that V and Jennie are indeed dating but not a few say the rumors are not true because HYBE and YG have not responded to all questions. What do you think?

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