“Why do you live like that?” Jo Na-yoon, unable to work because of her boyfriend’s objection, only doing housework… Han Hye-jin is also ‘angry’

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Kim Na-yeon] Jo Na-yoon and Park Si-won from ‘The End’ exchanged honest thoughts about DJ work.

Channel A’s ‘Cohabitation, Not Marriage’, which aired on the 14th, depicted the daily lives of three different couples.

On this day, model Jo Han-bin and PT Center representative and musical actor Jung Han-sam drew attention with their sweet appearance from the morning. As soon as Jo Hanbin woke up, he checked his schedule on his mobile phone, then took a protein shake and took various nutritional supplements. After that, she started the day with home training.

Jeong Han-saem said, “For musicals, I play a role that requires a solid body. Working as a model is also a model for sportswear or exercise equipment, so losing this body is like losing my life, so I always take about 3 hours of exercise time. Body fat I think it’s been about 5 years since I kept it at 5-6%.”

Breakfast was also bland. Lee Soo-hyuk, who saw this, said, “I also adjust it like that when filming, but when I look at the table, I’m not a lion, so why do I have to eat only this?” I was angry because I wanted to. But he himself enjoys that meal itself,” he said in surprise. Afterwards, the two moved to the concert hall for Jeong Han-saem’s schedule. Jeong Han-saem said, “I’m only doing a daytime performance today,” and Jo Han-bin said, “I’ll be able to go on a date after a long day.”

The musical starring Jeong Han-sam was a high-level show musical targeting female audiences. Jo Han-bin said, “I was really surprised when I went to see the show for the first time. Because it is a show that can only be seen by women, it was difficult for GFRIEND to accept it. When I saw the performance at the time, I couldn’t support my brother,” he said.

In response, Jeong Han-saem said, “I didn’t want to doubt that I could do anything else, so I opened them all. I can read my cell phone. I can just view KakaoTalk. I want to give you a sense of security. I really only have work, exercise, and you.” said, “I’ve accepted it now. I wonder if I’ve reached the point where I can cheer for you.”

However, Jeong Han-saem, who had time to communicate with fans after the performance, drew attention by saying, “I suddenly had an appointment.” He explained, “Mr. Trot hyungs are on air these days, so they contacted me and asked to see their faces,” and Jo Han-bin said, “Then just go and come. I’ll be waiting for you at home.” He said, “I was excited to say that it was time for the first time in a long time, but I felt bad when he said that I was leaving after the performance on the same day. Compared to that, I don’t think I think of my brother as number one.”

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

Afterwards, “Isn’t it too much? Am I taking a back seat? What am I doing when I haven’t been contacted?” Jeong Han-saem made an excuse, “I’m sorry, hyungs…” and Jo Han-bin asked, “It’s not because I want to hear you’re sorry, do you have a schedule for me?” She asked Jeong Han-sam, “Is it your schedule to play with you?” and Jo Han-bin said, “I thought I should have thought about it again,” giving her a foreboding of her crisis.

The couple, DJ Jo Na-yoon and DJ Park Si-won, continued to have conflicts over their first performance after living together. Jo Na-yoon was allowed to perform in Seoul after promising a day trip, good communication, upper body photo certification, and healthy clothes. Arriving in Cheongdam-dong, Jo Na-yoon met an acquaintance who helped her debut. He explained, “Hayun unnie is the person who helped me debut. She had the same job. She helped me a lot, taught me, ate and slept together, studied, and even made me a DJ job. She is a close friend of mine.”

Hearing about Ha-yoon’s busy schedule, he confessed, “Okay, I want to be busy too. I’m busy with housework.” Ha-yoon said, “Isn’t it crazy that you live on food?” and after hearing his routine of doing housework all day, he said, “Don’t talk to me for a second. You’re going to have a headache.” Ha-yoon asked, “Are you not working?” Jo Na-yoon replied, “You know. (My boyfriend) is reluctant and hates it, but it’s not that I don’t understand.” In response, Hayoon said, “

Ha-yun said, “I can’t live like that,” and Jo Na-yoon replied, “I knew that too. I lived and lived. When I do housework, I have to do it all.” In response, Ha-yun said, “So why do I have to live like that?”, “I went to work at 9:00 pm and left at 4:00 am and worked hard to make you a DJ.” Han Hye-jin also sympathized, saying, “Such a noble man… he really took care of me and raised me.

In particular, Ha-yoon said, “I don’t like it. I don’t like it and it’s not something to do, but it’s stuffy. I came to Korea thinking it’s the season where you have to work the most, but I’m upset because it doesn’t work. What can I say if you’re happy living like that? But why do you keep going? Do you go back and forth?” and said, “I really hate it,” and Hyejin Han said, “I really hate it, and I hate it too.”

Afterwards, Isak, who is her boyfriend and taught Jo Na-yun how to be a DJ for the first time, appeared. Jo Na-yoon took a picture of Isak as a joke and sent it to her Siwon, and Siwon even called and said that he would come to see her at work. Siwon said, “I didn’t receive a call, so I sent a picture of the upper body of a man. I couldn’t be the subject. I was so angry and still wanted to hear from him, so I called him, but since he didn’t answer the phone properly, it seemed like Nayoon had crossed the line. I wanted to go with this.” Explained.

On the other hand, Ha-yoon asked, “If the marriage doesn’t go ahead and I have to live like this for three more years. Are you going to live?” Jo Na-yoon said, “I don’t think I’ll live. he replied. When Cho Na-yoon said her last performance was in October of last year, Ha-yoon said, “A while ago, did you want to go to an overseas schedule?, but I had a blast with that.” Jo Na-yoon said, “Going abroad was not possible from the beginning. I hate being away for a long time. They say that three days in Seoul is long, but when they offered me a month, I had no choice but to refuse.” “He was very angry.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

However, after seeing Jo Na-yoon’s performance at the club, Park Si-won said, “I was in a bad mood when I first went down the stairs, but as soon as I saw Na-yoon, that thought disappeared. Are you doing well now? After seeing this, I changed my mind to think that I should take a picture.” said. Even after the performance, she said, “As I said before, it’s okay except for places that are too dangerous. Also, don’t for too long.”

The reason why Park Si-won was reluctant to let Jo Na-yoon perform was also revealed. He confided his honest feelings, “I’ve seen people who get drunk at a performance. I want to stop it”, “I’m more anxious to meet during a performance. There will be other people like that other than me.” In response, Jo Na-yoon said, “Since you said that, I definitely understood a little bit.” Park Si-won said, “Seeing my main job, I look so good and I wonder if I did too much. I think I pushed too much because I was worried. I hope to do more in the future.” It was so good and I felt a bit sorry,” she said, wiping her eyes.

He said, “Nayoon gave up a lot because of me, and I thought that he was doing it wrong because I was worried about it, and I thought I should help a lot.” I thought I was doing it,” he confessed.

Lastly, the daily life of three people living together, Tae-hoon Kim, an office worker at a large company, Sang-hee Chae, a former journalist and show host, and his younger brother Hee-soo were also revealed. Kim Tae-hoon woke up at 6 am to go to work, and Chae Sang-hee woke up later. “I wake up at 8, 9 or more. I usually go out after lunch,” he explained. However, the downside is that there is no boundary between life and work. 

Afterwards, he had a meeting with Live Commerce CEO Seonyoung Ahn, and successfully completed the test. On the other hand, Kim Tae-hoon, who had a dinner party, invited Chae Sang-hee to the dinner party at the suggestion of the manager and colleagues, and Chae Sang-hee gladly attended the dinner to liven up the atmosphere. Kim Tae-hoon was moved, saying, “When it comes to being the manager of a certain company, there is a difference in age and rank. Even though he is the manager of my boyfriend’s company, he doesn’t hesitate to live with him and maintains the atmosphere of the company dinner. I’m so proud of these things.”

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