True BLINKs, Yuna ITZY Can’t Wait To Welcome BLACKPINK’s Comeback Until She Wants To Do This

Revealing The Status Of True BLINKs, Yuna ITZY Confided In Fans Who Were Excited To Welcome BLACKPINK’s Comeback In The Near Future. Here’s The Full Story.

ITZY’s Shin Yuna proved her love for BLACK PINK recently. Even the maknae in his group confided to fans that he couldn’t wait to welcome the idol’s new song.

At a recent fansign, Yuna was excited to discuss BLACKPINK’s comeback for the first time since 2020. The smile didn’t leave her face when talking about BLACKPINK’s pre-release song “Pink Venom” which was launched on August 19.

“I’m so excited… ‘Pink Venom’,” Yuna said to fans.

Previously, Yuna had shown the world her love for BLACKPINK several times. Even when ITZY did promotions for their comeback.

In one of the “Sneakers” fancams, ITZY’s latest song, Yuna follows the choreography of BLACKPINK’s song “As if It’s Your Last”. Even though no music was playing, Yuna seemed happy and excited in her performance.

In addition, recently Yuna also revealed that she wanted to meet the BLACKPINK members if she could. But unfortunately, ITZY’s promotions ended before BLACKPINK’s comeback.

Prior to this, Yuna proved to be a true BLINK. Other ITZY members such as Shin Ryujin and Chaeryeong leaked that Yuna often sang BLACKPINK songs such as “Forever Young” and “How You Like That”.

Not only that, Yuna was also caught listening to the latest BLACKPINK song while at the airport from the display of her cellphone. Even when live, Yuna also doesn’t hide her BLINK status by listening to BLACKPINK songs.

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