The Police Update Kim Sae Ron’s Alcohol Content Through A High Enough Blood Test


Recently, The Gangnam Police Revealed The Latest News Of The Continuation Of The DUI Case That Dragged Kim Sae Ron Where So Far The Actress Is Undergoing A Good Investigation.

The issue of the DUI case that dragged Kim Sae Ron ‘s name lately has finally shown progress. According to the report from the Gangnam police station in Seoul that was announced on June 7, Kim Sae Ron has been undergoing a good examination.

The Gangnam Police Station in Seoul announced on June 7 that it had summoned Kim Sae Ron for questioning on charges of drunk driving and negligence following a traffic accident. Based on a report from the police, Kim Sae Ron admitted to the accusations made against him.

“Kim Sae Ron admits to the allegations. We will send this to the prosecutor’s office as soon as the investigation is complete,” said the police.

Earlier on May 18, Kim Sae Ron was arrested by the police after drinking in a drunken state causing a car accident that hit the guardrail, transformer unit, and street tree. At that time, Kim Sae Ron tested positive through the on-site drinking monitor.

However, it was reported that Kim Sae Ron refused to measure the blood alcohol concentration and insisted on a blood collection test. Therefore, analysis of blood collection by the National Forensic Service showed that Kim Sae Ron’s blood alcohol concentration was sufficient to have her license or driver’s license revoked.

Since then, Kim Sae Ron has publicly apologized. After the ongoing investigation, Gold Medalist as Kim Sae Ron’s agency also revealed that he again apologized to the public.

“With my wrong judgment and actions, I have caused damage to so many people, including merchants, citizens and the general public. I should have acted more carefully and responsibly. I apologize. caused by the accident, and I will do my best to communicate and actively resolve this issue to the end. I am very sorry to the production crew including myself,” he said while lowering his head.

Meanwhile, the results of the blood test that came out confirmed that the alcohol level was around 0.2%. This is what makes Kim Sae Ron’s SIM revoked.


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