The Location Of The ‘Vincenzo’ And ‘Snowdrop’ Filming Buildings Are The Same, Conjured To Have A Far Different Aura


The Shooting Location For The Dramas ‘Vincenzo’ And ‘Snowdrop’, Which Has Aired In 2021, Seems To Be Still A Hot Topic For Viewers To Talk About. It Was Revealed That The Filming Location For The Two Dramas Was In The Same Location.

The drama that aired in 2021 has left good memories that make an impression on its loyal viewers. Including the tvN dramas ” Vincenzo ” and JTBC’s ” Snowdrop “, which are still a hot topic of conversation for viewers.

Recently, it was discovered that there were some similarities between the shooting locations of the two dramas. These two K-Dramas turned out to be filmed on the Sun Moon University campus in Cheonan City, South Korea.

Previously, “Vincenzo” told the story of a Korean man named Vincenzo ( Song Joong Ki ) who was adopted by an Italian family as a child. His adoptive family is part of the mafia, and he flees to Korea for 1.5 tons of gold after his adoptive brother tries to kill him.

A building on the campus of Sun Moon University was used as the facade of the courthouse in “Vincenzo”. The building can be seen as a setting during episode 1 when a trial is held regarding Babel Pharmaceuticals and again in episode 5 during the trial against Babel Chemicals.

The cast of “Vincenzo” presented a modern and professional atmosphere while filming on the campus of Sun Moon University. With a large staircase and a building that looks very grand and the area in front of the building is the perfect backdrop for the epic battle between lawyers before the trial that takes place in the courtroom.

The same building was used in the drama “Snowdrop”. This K-Drama tells the story of Eun Young Ro ( Black PINK Jisoo ), a college student who meets Lim Soo Ho ( Jung Hae In ) and hides him in his dorm room. Lim Soo Ho claims to be a graduate student, but he is actually a North Korean agent.

Viewers can watch the Sun Moon University building being used as the exterior of the dormitory where Eun Young Ro lived with other dorm residents during the “Snowdrop” broadcast. In the drama broadcast, Eun Young Ro is told to study at Hosu Womans University which is based on Ewha Womans University in real life in Seoul.

The cast of Snowdrop gave off a retro vibe while filming on the campus of Sun Moon University. This K-Drama is set in 1987 and the style of the cast perfectly captures the time period of the drama.

Meanwhile, the fact that “Vincenzo” and “Snowdrop” actually use the same building for completely different purposes proves how timeless and versatile the building’s design is. It was even unexpected that this same building could be used as a courthouse and a dormitory at the same time.


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