Sunghoon Resigns ‘Music Bank’, 10 Compact Portraits With Jang Won Young This Will Make You Miss

Sunghoon Was Lined Up To Be The MC Of ‘Music Bank’ With Jang Won Young Since October 2021. However, Sunghoon Reportedly Stepped Down While Jang Won Young Continued. The Series Of Compact Moments Of These Two Will Certainly Make You Miss.

ENHYPEN ‘s Sunghoon is reportedly stepping down as MC of ” Music Bank “. On Thursday (1/9), SPOTV News reported that Sunghoon made his last appearance on September 2, 2022 at the event. In response, a representative from ENHYPEN’s agency, BELIFT LAB also confirmed that Sunghoon officially stepped down.

It is known, Sunghoon has been an MC for the past 11 months with IVE ‘s Jang Won Young . It is said that Sunghoon will focus on his group promotions with ENHYPEN. Their first world tour will kick off in October with a concert in Seoul later this month.

Meanwhile, IVE’s Jang Won Young, who is his partner, is known to continue as the MC of “Music Bank”. This certainly surprised Kpop lovers. Sunghoon and Jang Won Young are always united in hosting the program “Music Bank”. With their chemistry and demeanor, the public feels comfortable when watching the show. Take a peek at their compact portraits while working together as MCs.

1. Wear Unique Costumes To Steal The Eyes

In their appearance as MCs on “Music Bank”, Jang Won Young and Sunghoon often appear in various types of costumes. At the moment above, both of them look very cute in sailor-style costumes. They are very suitable to wear these costumes to look like cartoon characters out of comics. The appearance of Sunghoon and Jang Won Young also became the talk of South Korean netizens in one of the online community forums.

2. Interaction Makes Laughing

Due to IVE promotions in Japan, Jang Won Young was absent from being an MC for “Music Bank”. Sunghoon was then accompanied by Park Ji Hu who was on the rise for starring in ” All of Us Are Dead “. At that time, Sunghoon revealed how lonely he was without Jang Won Young.

Pretending to be cranky, Jang Won Young flicked Sunghoon to forget about it and engrossed in the new MC. Sunghoon also changed his strategy by telling Jang Won Young that he was the best MC in his heart. Their interaction makes the audience excited. Meanwhile, Sunghoon’s ploy for Jang Won Young is of course part of the script that the “Music Bank” team has prepared.

3. Win The Best Pair

Sunghoon was lined up to host “Music Bank” with Jang Won Young since October 2021. They took home the Best Couple award at the 2021 KBS Entertainment Awards. The award was obtained for their hard work and chemistry as MC partners on the show “Music Bank”.

4. Have A Special Nickname

While hosting the show together, Jang Won Young and Sunghoon had a special call as an MC couple. The two are referred to as MC Jangkku, which is a combination of their names. Their nicknames were created by Sunghoon and Jang Won Young themselves. “Jang” is Won Young’s last name and “Baekgu” is one of Sunghoon’s nicknames, which means “white puppy”. To make it sound sweeter, they used “kku” (꾸) instead of “gu” (구).

5. Get Lots Of Support

During their time as MCs on “Music Bank”, Sunghoon and Jang Won Young received a lot of love. They managed to captivate fans with their beautiful visuals and impressive host skills. Their extraordinary chemistry is able to make the audience comfortable while watching “Music Bank”. While Sunghoon decided to step down, Jang Won Young is known to still be the host on “Music Bank”.

6. Put On A Racing Costume That Went Viral

Car racing is one type of costume that has gone viral , the one worn by Sunghoon and Jang Won Young. A netizen made an online community forum post and made a post titled, “Park Sunghoon and Jang Won Young’s car racing uniform from today is very beautiful” . Netizens also included some photos and gifs of the two idols in their car racing outfits, where their amazing visuals were seen. Community residents praised MC Jangkku’s outfit as very charming.

7. Uwu’s Nagging

This week is very special for Jang Won Young as IVE is making a comeback to “Music Bank” with their new song “After LIKE”. Unsurprisingly, it’s clear how excited Jang Won Young is for a comeback. However, Sunghoon seemed to have forgotten the name of the IVE song, causing Jang Won Young to frown.

Jang Won Young’s words are similar to that of a younger brother wanting something from his older brother. Jang Won Young said that he saw the teaser and even listened to the song “Future Perfect” during ENHYPEN’s comeback. When Jang Won Young asked if Sunghoon didn’t like him, Sunghoon quickly denied it and said “After LIKE” excitedly. Jang Won Young’s interaction when “nagging” Sunghoon quickly caught the attention of netizens.

8. Compact When Cover Dance

At the beginning of their first time together as MCs, Sunghoon and Jang Won Young performed a cover of the hit song “Butter” which was popularized by BTS . In the video uploaded on the YouTube channel , the two of them are compactly wearing yellow clothes and dancing gracefully on stage. Even before their cover started, the MC duo showed off their stunning visuals in a skit as an intro.

9. Overflowing Chemistry

Jang Won Young and Sunghoon were praised as talented MCs with overflowing chemistry. In addition to the visual combination, Jang Won Young and Sunghoon’s vocals when singing together are also in the spotlight of netizens. Many were impressed by their excellent singing ability. The two are known to have collaborated on stage to cover the song “Woman on the Beach” for the summer special “Music Bank”.

10. Was Praised By The Nobles

Sunghoon and Jang Won Young had time to wear costumes like royal princes and princesses. Suddenly both of them were praised like royalty . In conversations on online forums, netizens highlight their visuals that are like a real royal prince and princess pair. Both of them are wearing red domination clothes and combined with black bottoms.

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