Staying Productive, IU Writes The Song ‘Strawberry Moon’ In The Middle Of Filming For The Movie ‘Broker’


IU’s Hard Work As A Musician Cannot Be Doubted. This Is Evidenced By How He Does Two Jobs At Once, Namely Writing Songs In The Middle Of Shooting The Movie ‘Broker’.

Although busy with various activities, IU does not rule out her desire to write a song. As he did when he wrote the song about “Strawberry Moon”, it turned out that he produced it when he starred in the movie ” Broker ” , which has recently gone viral everywhere.

Recently, IU sat down for a press interview for “Broker” and talked about her singing and acting career. When asked what is the difference between singer IU and actress Lee Ji Eun. “There are some people who feel awkward about me being an actress because I have more careers as a singer. However, I don’t think there is a difference between the two.

“Whether it’s acting or singing, the way I express myself is the same. I feel that music and acting are very similar. When you think of the recording studio and the filming process, they are very similar,” explained IU distinguishing between her work.

“I actually wrote a lot of lyrics while filming. While I was preparing for ‘Broker’, I made ‘Strawberry Moon.’ The two activities helped each other, and I have to say that I was greedy when it came to acting and singing,” he said later.

“Because I have been a solo singer for a long time, sometimes I want to feel a sense of belonging. I quench my thirst with acting. ‘Broker’ is like a football team so I feel like I have something to do my part well and be successful in scoring goals,” he explained. IU also hinted at her upcoming comeback as a singer.

Actually, I’m busy writing songs. Since this is my first work in my 30s, I want to show a different perspective from my 20s. I want to be better at what I can’t do, and I want to be more confident with myself. what am I good at,” he said later.

“Strawberry Moon” is IU’s latest single released in 2021. Unlike the previous comeback, IU released the music video for “Strawberry Moon” at midnight. This song is dedicated to IU’s fans as a celebration of her 13th debut anniversary.

Strawberry Moon is about the things that happen when someone falls in love. This song seems to describe the fantasy that feels when falling in love is felt so extraordinary than the pink moon in the night sky.

Meanwhile, IU recently received high appreciation through the film “Broker”. Even though she didn’t come out as Best Actress because IU was included in her nomination, the film’s success invited many meanings for her as a singer and actress.


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