Song Hye Kyo’s Original Visual In Residents’ Photos Is Amazing


Song Hye Kyo Has Now Moved On By Starring In A New Drama Titled ‘The Glory’ By Scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook. He Will Reportedly Compete Acting With Lee Do Hyun.

Song Hye Kyo is known as one of the South Korean actresses with extraordinary visuals. Even though she is now in her 40s, her face is so youthful like actresses in their 20s.

Recently, a coffee truck service employee shared a photo he took 1 year ago on the set of ” Now, We Are Breaking Up “. In the low quality photo, the figure of Song Hye Kyo can be seen.

The employee revealed quite unexpected things about Song Hye Kyo’s original visuals that she saw in real life. “Song Hye Kyo is a hundred times more beautiful in real life than on TV,” the employee wrote.

Even though the image is blurry, netizens can still see Song Hye Kyo’s extraordinary beauty. Song Joong Ki ‘s ex-wife has a small oval face with white skin. Apart from her stunning beauty, her fashion sense is also widely praised.

Song Hye Kyo wore simple clothes with a beautiful long coat. Even though she has a small body, she still looks beautiful and attractive. Actually the costume that Song Hye Kyo is wearing is in accordance with the designer’s role in “Now, We Are Breaking Up”.

“Now, We Are Breaking Up” itself tells about the romance in the fashion industry between Ha Young Eun, a designer and Yoon Jae Guk ( Jang Ki Yong ). The two of them are trapped in a complicated love because their parents don’t approve of them.

Because the last episode did not clearly show the continuation of Ha Young Eun and Yoon Jae Guk’s relationship, many viewers were disappointed. However, the rating for the 16th episode managed to top the slot with 6.7 percent.

Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo has now moved on by starring in a new drama titled ” The Glory ” by scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook. This time, the actress is reported to be acting opposite Lee Do Hyun . It is not yet known when this pre-production drama will air considering that the entire filming process must be completed first.


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