Shuhua (G)I-DLE Suddenly Takes Off The Stage After Performing Two Songs, Why?


(G)I-DLE Recently Performed At Korea University’s Annual Spring Festival Event Where They Performed Hit Songs For The Audience. However, In The Middle Of The Concert, Shuhua Suddenly Decided To Leave The Stage.

Recently, (G)I-DLE performed at the Korean University’s annual spring festival event known as “IPSELENTI” on Friday (27/5). This one girl group greets fans by singing the opening song “LATATA” then followed by the song “DUMDi DUMDi”.

Then, after energetically opening their stage, the (G)I-DLE members revealed that Shuhua had been feeling unwell since this morning. Therefore, Shuhua would leave the stage early.

“Shuhua has been sick since this morning. But he still wants to perform today, so he sings 2 songs, but he doesn’t seem to be feeling well,” said Yuqi , providing further explanation regarding her colleague’s condition.

“We are very, very sorry to all of you here today, but it looks like Shuhua will go down and rest, and the four of us will continue to have fun with all of you,” explained Jeon Soyeon while apologizing for Shuhua not being able to perform in full.

Based on the video circulating, Shuhua looked weak so he decided to get off the stage because of his health condition. After Shuhua apologized and left the stage, (G)I-DLE continued to perform songs like “TOMBOY” and “My Bag” with only 4 members.

However, during the girl group’s last song about to perform “Never Stop Me”, Shuhua appeared on stage once again, surprising the audience as well as his fellow members. Thanks to the cheers and encouragement from the audience, Shuhua managed to finish the stage performance of (G)I-DLE at the Korea University festival with the members despite missing several performances.

Now, many fans are wishing Shuhua a speedy recovery and a full recovery from his pain. However, they also praised how professional Shuhua was despite his poor health.

“He was breathing really hard during the first two stages”, commented a fan. “Your health is the most important,” wrote another. “(G)I-DLE’s schedule seems to be very busy lately, I hope they all get a lot of rest!!”, another commented.

“I was there TT. I got emotional when Shuhua returned to the TT stage”, another commented. “I watched his fancam and he looks very tired. Get well soon TT,” commented another fan.

Meanwhile, (G)I-DLE has made their latest comeback in mid-March through the album “I Never Die”. This album includes the song “TOMBOY” which has become a big hit until now.


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