Roh Jeong Eui Shares The Secret Of His Healthy Diet, Interested In Trying It?


Recently, The Beautiful Actress Roh Jeong Eui Revealed The Secret To Her Healthy Diet. What Is It Like? Check Out The Full Explanation In The News Below.

The popularity of the beautiful actress Roh Jeong Eui is increasing day by day. His roles in the dramas ” 18 Again ” and ” Our Beloved Summer ” showed his perfect transition from a child artist to an adult celebrity with excellent acting skills.

As time went on, fans realized that Roh Jeong Eui had lost weight between the two dramas. Later, it was discovered that she had lost up to seven kilograms of weight.

After learning this, a fan decided to ask how Roh Jeong Eui lost his weight. In response to this, Roh Jeong Eui said, “80 percent thanks to my trainer… the remaining 20 percent comes from controlling diet.”

Roh Jeong Eui diligently takes Pilates lessons to tone his body and lose weight. He also focuses his intake on protein by consuming boiled eggs regularly.

In addition, because Roh Jeong Eui also decided to consume a chicken breast smoothie. “Nonono, I know it’s made with chicken breast, almonds and bananas,” he said, attaching a photo of a smoothie.

Even though Roh Jeong Eui was never fat from the start, he managed to get rid of all the fat on his cheeks. This was clearly seen when she played Hong Shi Ah in “18 Again” and played a beautiful idol named NJ in “Our Beloved Summer”.

Spirit Jeong Eui also proved that transformation doesn’t come easily, but if we don’t stop trying, we will get perfect results in the future. What do you think? Are you interested in trying the Roh Jeong Eui diet?


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