NCT’s Yuta Gets Praise During Acting Debut Thanks To This Skill As A K-Pop Idol


Yuta Provides Behind-The-Scenes Footage During Filming. The Interviewer Asked Yuta If His Experience As A K-Pop Idol Was ‘Useful For Acting’ In The Movie ‘HiGH&LOW THE WORST X.’

NCT ‘s Yuta surprised fans by announcing his acting debut in the upcoming Japanese film, ” HiGH&LOW THE WORST X “, alongside stars like Kazuma Kawamura from Japanese group THE RAMPAGE . Called this acting, the NCT 127 member has been praised, you know.

Although the film is slated for release in September, Yuta provided behind-the-scenes footage while filming for the Japanese magazine MEN’S NON-NO. The interviewer asked Yuta if his experience as a K-Pop idol was “useful for acting” in the film.

While he gained many skills as a singer, Yuta revealed that one skill, in particular, makes acting easier. Film director and actor Goki Maeda praised Yuta for his control over his voice. There was a reason why it was such a valuable skill. “Oh, one thing is for sure! Both Goki-kun (Maeda) and the director praised me for it: my loud voice,” said the 1995-born singer.

The actors and staff on set revealed that usually new actors are shy in front of the camera and can’t project their voices properly. Yuta didn’t take long to adjust as he had already learned the skill.

“Apparently, newcomers to acting have a hard time speaking loudly in front of the camera. I had to speak loudly among a hundred other people, and they said, ‘Most people need time before they can do it,'” Yuta said.

There is another part of being an idol that helps Yuta transition smoothly into acting. Since acting is about doing things they usually don’t do in front of the camera, Yuta already has experience from the many shows and stages he’s been on.

“They also said, ‘The whole point of being an actor is to show how much you can do embarrassing things in front of the camera, so that’s pretty awesome!’ But then, of course, I always raise my voice on stage. So, I guess I can say that I can apply it for sure!” he said.


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