Like ‘Not Invited’, Winter Aespa Again Fails Compact Pose On Thumbnail Fancam ‘Girls’

Winter Aespa Once Again Showed A Very Different Side To His Fancam Thumbnail During Promotions For The Mini Album ‘Girls’ Comeback, You Noticed?

Currently, AESPA is indeed busy with comeback promotions with their second mini album, “Girls”. aespa seems diligent in attending weekly music events to promote their new song at this time.

Winter also gets the spotlight again because of his different expression in his fancam video thumbnail . Winter is seen often showing cute expressions, in contrast to Karina , Giselle , and Ningning .

This is reminiscent of the moment when promoting “Step Back” together with Girls on Top some time ago. At that time, fans were excited by Winter’s funny expression which really showed he was the maknae or youngest member.

During the promotion of “Girls” on music shows, this 2001-born idol’s fancam thumbnail was once again filled with adorable expressions. Even so, Winter isn’t the only one with a fancam thumbnail with a funny expression. Winter often poses very cheerfully on his fancam thumbnail .

Karina, Giselle, and Ningning also have fancam videos with no less adorable thumbnails on YouTube. In addition, Winter also has thumbnails with fierce photos like other members.

Meanwhile, the thumbnails on YouTube are, of course, chosen by the producers of these music shows. The idols themselves always show a series of different poses ranging from fierce to funny during their performances. Thus, this means that idols don’t intentionally show different expressions from other members in order to be highlighted.

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