Lee Jae Wook Skips For Ayang Jung So Min, ‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Production Team Leaks Turning Point


In The Upcoming Episode Of ‘Alchemy Of Souls’, The Romance Of Jang Wook (Lee Jae Wook) And Mu Deok (Jung So Min) Is Leaked Even Though They Have To Be Separated By Distance. This Is What The Production Team Said.

Welcoming the new episode of ” Alchemy of Souls “, tvN revealed the increasingly burning feelings between Mu Deok ( Jung So Min ) and Jang Wook ( Lee Jae Wook ). The romance between the two main characters is getting more and more interesting to follow.

Written by the Hong Sisters, “Alchemy of Souls” tells the story of people whose fate is twisted by the art of moving souls. This drama uses the fictional background of Daeho Country which is not on the map or in history.

Previously, Jang Wook turned to Mu Deok to guide him in deciding which house to join. With his advice, Jang Wook went to Songrim’s Jeongjingak.

As is known, Jang Wook has received a special lesson from Mu Deok who keeps the murderous soul of Nak Su in his body. After various events, Jang Wook is finally able to open the energy door that his father had closed since birth.

In the latest footage, Jang Wook, who is in love, misses Mu Deok as soon as he joins Jeongjingak. For love’s sake, Jang Wook sneaks out just to meet her.

But even though Jang Wook has skipped against Jeongjingak’s rules, meeting is not an easy thing. Mu Deok happened to be out when Jang Wook was stopping by. So he had to go back without seeing her.

Luckily the goddess of luck is still on their side, Mu Deok finally hears the news that Jang Wook has come to see her. So they looked at each other longingly from afar when Jang Wook was on his way back to Jeongjingak by boat.

The production team promised, “This scene will be a turning point in the story that causes an explosion of feelings between Jang Wook and Mu Deok that goes beyond mere heartbeats, and it will lead their relationship to develop further. Viewers can look forward to it calmly.”

Meanwhile, the latest episode of “Alchemy of Souls” can be watched today, Saturday (16/7). This drama airs every Saturday and Sunday at 21:10 local time.


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