Knetz Busy Discussing Groups With Millions Of Album Sales But Not Entering The Charts Or The Other Way


Through An Online Community, A Netizen Asked, ‘Would You Rather Sell 1 Million Albums And Not Have A Song In The Top 100 Or Just Sell 50,000 Albums And Make The Top 10? Song?’.

Recently on the popular Korean online community Instiz, a netizen started a discussion among other netizens by asking an interesting question. This netizen asked, “Would you rather sell 1 million albums and not have a song in the top 100 or only sell 50,000 albums and enter the top 10? songs?”

Furthermore, the netizen explained, “The first option is, you can win 1st place on music shows for 1 week, and the second is that you can’t win music shows at all,” and also asked others, “Which one do you want? better?”

Other netizens gathered in the community to provide answers and reasons why they voted for their choice. Many choose to sell more albums because it can make money which of course is not small in number. Although there are also those who prefer people to know their songs better.

” It’s very hard to choose,” “I think number 1 because you get more money if you sell more albums,” commented netter. ” Only 50,000 albums, hmm, I don’t know. If I pick number 1, won’t I be able to make more money after touring?” add another. ” Number 1, because I need money, lol. 1 for sure, because it means you will have a bigger fandom,” concluded another.

Meanwhile, currently the best-selling album in South Korea is “Map of the Soul: 7” from Bangtan Boys aka BTS. The studio album, released in February 2020, became the best-selling album in South Korea of ​​all time, with more than 4.1 million copies sold in less than a month. While including figures based on illegal sales, Kim Gun Mo ‘s 1995 studio album “Wrongful Encounter” is also estimated to have sold at least 3.3 million copies and holds the record as the best-selling South Korean album for 24 years. years until it was broken by BTS with “Map of the Soul: Persona” in 2019.


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