Kang Tae Oh Is The First Korean Actor To Be Offered A Fan Meeting In Europe, This Is Very Regrettable


YouTuber Lee Jin Ho Said That Kang Tae Oh Was Offered A Fan Meeting Tour In 5 European Countries As The First Korean Male Actor, But That It Would Be Difficult Due To A Case.

Kang Tae Oh became the first actor to be offered a fan meeting in Europe. Apart from being in the military, there are other things that prevent the actor from doing it.

Recently, YouTuber Lee Jin Ho said that Kang Tae Oh was offered a fan meeting tour in 5 European countries as the first Korean male actor, but that it would be difficult because of Yoo Seung Jun’s case.

“Born in June 1994, he has to enlist this year (29 years old). However, the date of his enlistment has not been confirmed. But if he gets a military enlistment notice, he must join the army within one month,” said Lee Jin Ho.

“Officials feel sorry that he was in his prime right before his military enlistment, but Kang Tae Oh himself stated, ‘I will do my best as a soldier.’ He is expected to enlist in September at the latest or at the end of August.”

He also said, “In particular, the popularity of ‘ Extraordinary Attorney Woo ‘ is said to be unusual in Europe. It is very popular in Germany. The response to Kang Tae Oh as well as Park Eun Bin is very hot.”

According to Lee Jin Ho, Kang Tae Oh is even the first Korean male actor to be offered a European fan meeting tour. It is expected that the tour project in 5 European countries including Germany, Spain and Italy will be carried out.

If this project is realized, it is hoped that the Korean Wave will boom again in Europe. Unfortunately, the chances of success were very low due to Kang Tae Oh’s registration problems.

Lee Jin Ho regretted that Kang Tae Oh couldn’t make his popularity skyrocket because of his military service. Plus there’s the Yoo Seung Jun case.

“Kang Tae Oh didn’t make a hasty decision because he was going to join the army. The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism or the Ministry of National Defense had to approve it, but it was impossible because of the Yoo Seung Jun case,” said Lee Jin Ho.

Yoo Seung Jun is a South Korean singer who was deported and not allowed to enter South Korea forever because he tried to avoid the military in 2002. Therefore, military regulations were tightened.


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