Jeon So Min And Na In Woo In ‘Cleaning Up’ Married, 2 Famous Variety Shows ‘Besanan’

In ‘Cleaning Up’ Which Just Ended, Jeon So Min And Na In Woo’s Characters Marry Each Other. The Posting Of Their Wedding Photos Has Made Fans Of 2 Famous Variety Shows Excited.

The characters Jeon So Min and Na In Woo in the drama ” Cleaning Up ” ended up getting married. Fellow maknae aka the youngest member of ” Running Man ” and ” 2 Days & 1 Night “, the two famous variety shows “beanan” for their romance in the drama.

On July 25, Jeon So Min uploaded several wedding photos taken with actor Na In Woo. Along with the post, Jeon So Min said goodbye and thanked her for her latest drama “Cleaning Up”.

“Goodbye ‘Cleaning Up’, thank you for being with us. I love you all. Happy In Kyung,” said Jeon So Min.

Jeon So Min’s post invited enthusiastic comments from netizens. Both from Jeon So Min’s comment column, as well as social media posts about her character’s marriage in the drama, many viewers gave interesting comments.

“I really enjoy this drama,” said one netizen. “You two look very compatible,” said another netizen. “I thought you two would get married for real in the real world,” added another.

“SO FUNNY, I WANT TO WATCH ‘RUNNING MAN’,” commented a netizen. “The way to let the ‘Running Man’ members and Ilbalik members be on an event is one of them by getting them married. How about getting married or am I the one marrying In Woo?” continued another netizen.

“Waiting for this to be the talk of the ‘RM’ kids,” said another netizen. “Unfortunately they can’t go to each varshow,” added another.

Meanwhile, in “Cleaning Up” Jeon So Min plays Ahn In Kyung, a janitor who dreams of opening his own small food truck cafe. Meanwhile, Na In Woo plays Lee Doo Young who gives advice to Ahn In Kyung about insider stock trading.

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