It Was Rumored To Be Dating, This Moment Of Winter Aespa And NCT’s Jaehyun In ‘SMTOWN Tokyo’ Became A Concern


After Getting Out Of The Cart, Winter Had A Hard Time Opening The Safety Bar And Jaehyun Opened It For Him. They Were Seen Conversing Comfortably Together As He Opened It.

NCT ‘s Jaehyun and Winter aespa became the talk of the town because of their interaction on “SMTOWN LIVE 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS @ TOKYO”. This moment made fans feel both funny and ironic because the two idols had been wrapped up in dating rumors some time ago.

SM Entertainment’s concert in Tokyo, like the one held in Korea, was full of fun moments. Among all the important moments, Winter and Jaehyun’s interaction received special attention where they were randomly paired to get into a cart that took them around the stadium to interact with the audience throughout the ending stage.

Fans were excited to see Winter and Jaehyun together up close, mostly because the two idols are equally handsome. Fans were very excited, as evident from the clip of them having garnered over a million views.

Of course, fans are also happy to see the interaction between seniors and juniors of this agency. After getting out of the cart, Winter had a hard time opening the safety bar and Jaehyun opened it for him . They were seen conversing comfortably together as he opened it.

While some netizens had negative reactions to the interaction, most fans praised the politeness shown by the two idols. The praise was mainly due to the fact that fans found the dating rumors surrounding Winter and Jaehyun baseless.

When aespa starred in MBC’s ” The Manager ” to promote their comeback, “Girls” in July, Korean netizens criticized Winter for spending “too much” time on her phone. Sojang’s YouTube channel claimed it was because she was dating someone, which naturally sparked rumors after a netizen added that it was Jaehyun.

After seeing them on “SMTOWN LIVE in Tokyo”, many fans have once again commented on past dating rumors with some funny comments that SM Entertainment staff may have put Winter and Jaehyun in the same cart as a way to joke about it.

This particular rumor doesn’t have much substance, so if there’s one thing that’s really proven from Winter and Jaehyun’s viral interactions, fans love to see the polite moment between aespa and NCT.


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