HYBE Trying To Make Trainee A As The 2nd BTS?

Many People Believe That HYBE Is Just Trying To Make A Second BTS Because Trainee A’s Schedule Now Looks Exactly Like What BTS Did A Few Years Ago.

After TXT , Big Hit Music (a subsidiary of HYBE Labels) launched a new boy group. Although only introduced through the Trainee A project , the boy group received a lot of attention from the public. Through behind-the-scenes photos and videos, the seven members of Trainee A have attracted a strong fan base, ready for their big debut. However, the recent activity that HYBE prepared for the boys made people excited.

Baru-baru ini, Trainee A dikirim ke Los Angeles untuk berlatih. Grup ini juga mengadakan pertunjukan jalanan yang disebut First Busking Show di mana mereka berusaha keras. Menyaksikan aktivitas Trainee A, banyak penggemar BTS memperhatikan bahwa Big Hit berusaha membuat Trainee A mengikuti jejak senior mereka. Selain itu, banyak penggemar juga percaya bahwa agensi ingin para trainee memahami kesulitan yang dialami BTS selama debut mereka.

However, many people believe that HYBE is just trying to make a second BTS. All of Trainee A’s actions such as going to the US to promote, holding mini concerts, distributing flyers, are exactly what BTS did. In addition, the audience’s anger exploded when they saw a video of Trainee A on Tiktok which showed that one of the members of Trainee A was ignored while distributing flyers. This video has received more than 1 million views and received a lot of criticism.

The public thinks that Trainee A is trying to sarcastically reenact BTS’s past when they weren’t as popular as they are now. In the reality show “American hustle life 2014”, BTS also distributed flyers inviting the audience to see the concert for free and were rejected by some passersby. This is a difficult time for BTS and the fans.

Seeing the idols being criticized, fans were quick to defend Trainee A. They said that they were still trainees and hadn’t actually debuted yet, so the fact that they were worried about the show is totally understandable. In addition, in 2019, Woochan – a member of the group – also distributed flyers and was later rejected.

Even so, BTS fans still do not accept this reason. They say that Trainee A is a HYBE group, so there’s no reason for the group to be afraid of not having an audience. Not only that, by mentioning the name “BTS’s sister”, the group has also received a lot of attention. Therefore, choosing such content that triggers large crowds is an unconscious act.

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