Has Tens Of Millions Of Followers, V BTS Uses Special Filters When Posting Photos?


The Photos That V Uploaded Started From Works Of Art, Natural Scenery And Most Of Them With Bw Color Nuances. Does V Also Have Specific Standards For Instagram Posts?

BTS members have been compact in having personal Instagram accounts since last December 2021. One of those who has more than 44 million followers is V , whose Instagram account name only consists of 3 letters, namely @thv.

The photos uploaded by V range from artworks, natural landscapes, videos or portraits of his appearance and most of them are with bw color nuances . In an interview released by Weverse recently, V revealed what kind of photos he posted.

“It’s been like that for a long time, but it’s just my personal image. I thought there was no need to upload it to a team account. This is my color and my personal life. But when I started my personal SNS, I didn’t know what to wear (laughs), so I thought I’d just post what I like. It’s just an account that shows my color and I don’t think it’s necessary to match other people’s eyes, “said V.

V was then asked if he had a special standard for posting photos on Instagram. “Nothing, I just uploaded pictures (as I wanted). I don’t have the ability to organize and show photos like J-Hope hyung,” said V.

“And I don’t have the ability to consistently express my feelings like Namjoon (RM) hyung. I just depend on the day, whether I feel good about that day, or I want to post this on that day, I think it’s all determined by me on that day I always judge when I do something,” added V.

V has also uploaded several selfie photos on the sidelines of shooting. The guy who was rumored to be dating Jennie BLACK PINK confirmed that he didn’t use a special filter but only from the phone’s built-in camera.

“A filter? I don’t use a filter. It’s just a Galaxy, Samsung phone, and a regular camera. I didn’t even make any corrections. If I fix it, it’s not me. I think it just gives a lot more raw feel than correction. you want to change the photo to black and white. I don’t use it other than that,” vented V.

Then for the landscape photos that he uploaded several times, V said, “Yeah. I guess I didn’t think much of it. Without realizing it, if there was a beautiful background or something I could make beautiful, I kept turning on the camera and taking pictures. Because I like taking pictures.”


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