Complimenting Each Other, J-Hope Calls Jimin BTS Like A Light During A Gig At Lollapalooza 2022

J-Hope’s Appearance At The Biggest Annual Music Festival In The United States Made Him Receive A Lot Of Love From International Fans, Coupled With The Support Of BTS Member Jimin Who Accompanied Him.

The success of J-Hope BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) as the main star at the 2022 Lollapalooza music festival held in Chicago deserves thumbs up. How not, this member of BTS has made the stage lively and interesting to watch along with his collaboration.

On Sunday (31/7), J-Hope performed at Lollapalooza which is an annual music festival in Chicago. He was named the first Korean artist to appear on the main stage of this majestic United States music festival. And amazingly, J-Hope performed a total of 18 songs including songs from his new solo album “Jack In The Box”.

In addition to getting support from fans, J-Hope also received great support from other BTS members. Like Suga , who reportedly witnessed the grand concert taking place. And the most visible and prominent is the presence of Jimin BTS .

It has been observed since July 30, Jimin left from South Korea to Chicago to attend the Lollapalooza concert to support J-Hope. In the event, Jimin also became a concern because of his behind-the-scenes actions that fully supported J-Hope.

After the stage event was over, J-Hope mentioned how he felt comfortable having Jimin with him because his fellow BTS members also attended the festival to support him. Not only that, in the VLive broadcast of these two idols, Jimin praised J-Hope for his solo performance.

“I actually watched as a fan today,” Jimin said. J-Hope commented, “Jimin’s help played a big role. While preparing for Lollapalooza, I was in a dark world, but Jimin became my light.”

Seeing the two together and praising each other, previously Jimin was also known to have helped his colleague’s preparations to collaborate with American singer Becky G for the song “Chicken Noodle Soup”. In fact, Jimin helped J-Hope practice to fill the part of Becky G before the stage started.

Meanwhile, J-Hope not only performed his solo debut song on the album “Jack In The Box”. He also performed his first mixtape song “Hope World”, “Chicken Noodle Soup” featuring Becky G live for the first time as well as BTS songs such as “BTS Pt. 1” and “Dynamite”. Of course, the excitement of this concert was unforgettable considering that there were so many surprises present.

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