Chae Jong Hyeop Becomes A Dream Boyfriend In ‘Love All Play’, His Acting Ability Has Been Highlighted


Playing The Badminton Athlete And Park Joo Hyun’s Dream Boyfriend In ‘Love All Play’, Chae Jong Hyeop Received Praise From The Local Media. Here’s The Full Description.

Chae Jong Hyeop is currently starring in ” Love All Play “. Acting as a badminton athlete, Park Ju Hyun ‘s opponent was in the spotlight of the local media.

After showing acting as the male lead of “Love All Play”, Chae Jong Hyeop’s growth is considered fast. Previously, Chae Jong Hyeop had attracted attention because of his role in SBS’s ” Stove League ” in 2019.

In the early days of his debut, Chae Jong Hyeop caught the public’s attention when showing a fresh and bright smile and a high level of synchrony with a character reminiscent of a real baseball player. His presence in the drama is considered not to be ignored.

Since then, Chae Jong Hyeop has appeared in JTBC’s ” Sisyphus: The Myth ” and ” Nevertheless ” and TVING’s ” The Witch’s Diner “. Local media reviewed Chae Jong Hyeop’s acting which grew step by step through his previous roles until now.

“Love All Play” itself tells about the refreshing romance between a 25-year-old mixed doubles athlete between Park Tae Yang (Park Joo Hyun) and Park Tae Jun (Chae Jong Hyeop). In this drama, Chae Jong Hyeop plays a badminton athlete at the Yunis club who initially thinks of the sport as a job but gradually begins to burn with passion.

Chae Jong Hyeop clearly revealed the diversity of characters, from the appearance of an athlete who did not risk his life to come home from work on time. In addition, he also displays the figure of an athlete who is in the shadow of a genius. At the same time, her character is a reliable boyfriend and comforts her lover’s pain.

With his character in “Love All Play” Chae Jong Hyeop’s new side was discovered. His image of playing the “dream girlfriend” has made female viewers unable to sleep at night. Not only does he have unique, fresh and fit visuals that make them want to lean on him, he also has an understanding heart for his lover.

Chae Jong Hyeop showed a delicate emotional appearance with mature and broader acting skills. Park Tae Jun’s pure love for Park Tae Yang has been described by the actor with great sadness.

Being in the third year since debut, Chae Jong Hyeop is expanding his reach from broadcast television to OTT. His acting skills make Chae Jong Hyeiop even more anticipated in the future and still has a lot to show. Viewers’ attention is also focused on the ending what the character will show in the second half of “Love All Play”.

Meanwhile, “Love All Play” can be watched every Wednesday and Thursday. This drama airs every 21:30 local time.


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